A humourous summary of the four types of managers hindering progression

  • 9 May 2014

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1) The ‘I can’t delegate’ manager is stressed and demanding, keeps a tight rein on projects and data to ensure that every detail passes through their inbox, and usually has piles of printouts erratically scattered across their desk as they try to keep up with the workload.
2) The ‘Paper based’ manager owns a laptop and PC but insists on paper based documents for every project, is continuously rummaging to find important information, has an overflowing inbox with unread emails, and never uses the management software, making it impossible for colleagues to collaborate.
3) The ‘Short-on-time’ manager is constantly trying to pass work on to other employees before chasing them up at a later date to check progress, has an inbox of emails sent to staff with demands, has a chaotic filing system and avoids in house systems.
4) The ‘Email’ manager refuses to deal with anything that isn’t received by email, has a clean and tidy desk, has an overflowing mailbox filled with folders, subfolders and attachments, and prevents proper collaboration because everything has to be sent for input.

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