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Loox lighting for the furniture market


Loox lighting

Hafele UK new Loox system of modular LED lighting is a simple plug-and-play system for the worldwide furniture market.

The Hafele engineered system is offered in 12V, 24V and 350mA, with each component colour coded to the correct system to ensure mix-ups do not occur as the driver selected can only be used with the lights for the same system.

The Loox system uses an innovative driver which offers 100-240V AC in one pack.

Adaptable to power systems worldwide furniture can be produced on mass with each driver able to take up to 6 lights, and the mains lead added once the destination is known reducing costs and stock levels negating the need to fit different systems for differing electricity supply's.

With the controller integrated into the driver, it is compact and flexible offering a choice of Sensor switch, Door sensor switch, Motion Detector, Dimmer and Push switch, and because of the easy plug and play feature, Loox lights can be changed in line with trends without the need to replace the driver.

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