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EcoLogic roof tile absorbs pollution at Tameside housing upgrade

Marley Eternit

EcoLogic pollution eating roof tile

1,000 homes have been re-roofed by New Charter Homes in Tameside, Greater Manchester using Marley Eternit’s EcoLogic pollution eating roof tile.

Over the last four years, New Charter Homes has been re-roofing its Tameside properties with Marley Eternit’s EcoLogic roof tile. The EcoLogic roof tile features a coating that absorbs NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) contaminants and turns them into soluble nitrates which are then washed away by rain.

EcoLogic is comprised of approximately 50% recycled content and is based on Marley Eternit’s Ludlow Major concrete tile. The roof tile boasts independent carbon footprint certification and has achieved a good rating under BES 6001 – Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

The re-roofing project at Tameside makes us of the improved EcoLogic tile which offers a smoother textured surface and increased durability. New Charter Homes specified the tile in Nimbus Grey which matches the natural slate of the Tameside local area.

Head of investment at New Charter Homes, Danny Vose, commented: “For the last four years we have planned the re-roofing of 250 properties a year using Marley Eternit’s EcoLogic tiles, not only because the product meets our stringent quality and durability criteria but also because it supports our environmental strategy to ensure that all of our properties are as fuel efficient and ‘green’ as can be. We’re very pleased with the results so far and will continue to use the tiles as part of our ongoing planned roofing replacement programme.”

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