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Kalwall diffused daylighting for swimming pool

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Kalwall diffused daylighting

The Kalwall diffused daylighting system has been used in the refurbishment of Bradford's Eccleshill swimming pool.

This is another example where the highly insulating system can be used to refurbish curtain-walling and fenestration or skylighting systems and rooflights which have aged and failed..

Built in 1968, the original design was a steel framed curtain wall which eventually corroded and became structurally unsound.

The solution was to demolish the flank wall and rebuild with a high performance translucent system which would generate good daylight and also give protection against vandalism.

Consequently it was the decision of Bradford MDC architects to specify the Kalwall system, based on its reputation and widespread use on new projects and for refurbishment.

At Eccleshill, the diffused daylighting has greatly enhanced the interior ambience.

Running costs have been reduced because of the improved insulation with less reliance on artificial lighting.

Another benefit is that the diffused daylight eliminates glare and veiling on the water which means that lifeguards can see swimmers better.

At night, the pool presents an external Kalwall is unique in its ability to distribute diffused daylight evenly as 'museum-quality' light, without the need for blinds, curtains or solar control and to eliminate the stark contrasts of light and shade.

The system is particularly popular for sports halls and pools because of its ability to create ideal playing and swimming conditions.

Project publications specifically about Kalwall for Schools, Pools and Sports Halls are available from Stoakes Systems (tel 020 8660 7667) or downloadable from the website.

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