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Warm daylighting for colder regions

Stoakes Systemscontact supplier

Kalwall with Lumira aerogel insulation

Public and private sector architects in colder regions are specifying Kalwall with Lumira aerogel insulation (previously called Nanogel), for daylighting projects.

This makes the high performance insulation of translucent walls and roofs and the conservation of energy particularly.

Recent Kalwall plus Lumira aerogel projects in Scotland, supplied and fixed by SD Systems, include a sports hall at Aberdeen Grammar School, the Rainbow nursery for childcare, a student dining-room extension at Turriff Academy (image) and refurbishment of the swimming-pool at Andrew Carnegie leisure centre.

Further north and one of the most extreme examples is the remote Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska's interior.

Lumira aerogel, the world's lightest and best insulating solid, dramatically increases thermal insulation with U values as low as 0.28W/m2K.

Used within the Kalwall translucent cladding and rooflighting system, this means that architects and designers can now create large areas of daylighting in walls and roofs, which can be as energy efficient as an insulated solid wall.

In addition, the natural light diffusing performance and elimination of stark contrasts of glare and shadow creates a soft, evenly diffused museum-quality light which creates a high comfort level for occupants, while reducing the running costs of air-conditioning, heating and artificial lighting.

For downloadable publications and short project specific videos about Kalwall , visit the website.

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