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Ecoplay water recycling for lower consumption

CME Sanitary Systems

Ecoplay greywater management system

Recycling water in the home with Ecoplay greywater management system from CME Sanitary Systems helps meet water efficiency targets.

The award winning Ecoplay greywater management system can make a 30 per cent saving by reusing bath and shower water.

Particles are skimmed from the surface and heavier waste flushed away before being redirected to toilets, from a 100 litre storage tank supplying 15 flushes.

Ecoplay provides a constant supply of water, recognising if toilets are not flushed within a 24 hour period.

The system is compatible with back to wall and wall mounted toilets.

With the introduction of the Code for Sustainable Homes environmental impact rating, many within the construction industry now have a mandatory requirement to reduce water consumption per household.

Currently, average water use per person, per day in the UK is around 130 litres.

However, the Code requires that all new-build social homes achieve a minimum of level 3, which limits water consumption to 105 litres, per person, per day.

To reach levels 5 and 6, water use is required to drop even further to 80 litres per person, per day.

Ecoplay makes it possible to retain high specification bathroom products, such as higher performance and normal deep baths, whilst still remaining within the reduced water consumption levels set by the Code.

Ecoplay won the ‘Green Product of the Year’ at the Sustainable Building Services Awards and received the Waterwise Marque from Waterwise, the UK’s authority on water efficiency, and internationally, received a Silver award at the GAIA awards at the Big 5 in Dubai last year.

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