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A-Sun solar panels used in commercial installation


PV modules

A-Sun has delivered PV modules for the biggest commercial solar energy installation in England to date.

Solar energy has become the most popular form of renewable energy in the country over the last five years.Domestic installations represent the largest number of installations carried out in the UK, compared to industrial installations which are less spread.

A 1.16 megawatt commercial solar project is being installed in Somerset representing the biggest commercial photovoltaic installation in England so far, made possible by the Feed-in-Tariff.

High efficiency photovoltaic modules are being installed partly on-roof and on-ground.

An estimated 1,125,000kWh output will be produced each year by the photovoltaic system.

It has been estimated that the installation will save 550 tonnes of carbon each year.

The photovoltaic panels, which represent the largest part of the cost of installation, weigh 15kg each and a total of 30 tonnes, well within the loading capacity of the roof.

These MCS certified panels from the A-Sun ISO-certified factory are made from reliable components under strict quality control guidelines and under the technical specifications required by European Standards.

The A-Sun 190Watt monocrystalline panels have efficiency of 149W/m2, and will optimise the output of the system in order to achieve long term efficiency.

They have a 25 year warranty.

The mounting system has been specifically designed for asbestos barn roofs.

The first phase has comprised the installation of 2,000 panels on the roof with a combined capacity of around 380Kwp, covering 2,850m2.

The following phase involved the installation of ground-mounted panels.

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