• 16 November 2016

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08 June 2015

Innovative feedback scheme introduced across Encon branches

The scheme originally trialled at five of its branches after the New Year. Encon Group was so pleased with the HappyOrNot initiative it has since been extended to all 20 of its branches, with an exclusivity agreement making it the first in the industry to introduce this approach. HappyOrNot asks customers feedback on their experience[…]

  • 08 June 2015

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05 May 2015

Eight construction world records

World’s tallest dam: Completed in 2014, China’s Jinping-I Dam stands at 305 metres tall and 568 metres long.   Construction records have been continuously made and broken in recent years as architects, engineers and developers push the boundaries of the industry to create some awe-inspiring structures. Here are eight world records that have set the[…]

  • 05 May 2015

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16 March 2015

Crowd-funding opportunity for new Eco Window Cleaning invention

Howard Chapman, Editor of Buildingtalk 21st century window cleaning saves water, waste and time + safer I came across this interesting Dragons Den style innovative device that makes window cleaning easy. Its secret lies in its chambered design. Just fill one side of the unit with clean water, via its internal flexible hose, and pump[…]

  • 16 March 2015

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24 February 2015

New paving range featured in Gardens and Drives catalogue

The latest edition of Brett’s Gardens and Drives catalogue showcases the company’s paving ranges through a series of visuals For 2015, the catalogue has been re-developed and printed in a landscape format. With the aim of focusing on the aesthetics of its paving rather than swamping readers with technical information, Brett’s catalogue heavily features lifestyle[…]

  • 24 February 2015

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