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Bomax street solutions for the Olympic Route Network project

Street solutions

Bomax role as London’s roads transformed for the Olympic Games, including 600m of kerbing laid out within two days.

Leading provider of street solutions Bomax provided its lightweight Scan Kerb units

Scan Kerbs

  • fall within Health & Safety recommendations for single-man lift
  • can be applied permanently or temporarily, with minimal resurfacing requirements

The brief given to Bomax was that no mechanical fixings or drilling would be accepted, and there would be little need for heavy plant and equipment.

James Tallon, Contracts Manager of FM Conway, remarked on Scan Kerb:

’Scan Kerb was identified primarily for its role in being able to use without breaking the existing ground.

With the challenge of the Olympic Games, we needed a product that could be laid in minimal time which could cope with the large number of pedestrians transcending on London’.

“Once the games were over, we didn’t want to be in a position of carrying out major repairs to roads and with Scan Kerb, it allows us to lift the kerbs off the existing road with minimum damage to original surface.”

Type C Scan Kerb chosen for Whitehall area

  • kerb lends itself particularly well to cycle routes thanks to its low height of just 80mm, and its double-sided profile
  • 300 metres of the kerb being laid down in just 4 hours
  • with temporary footpath asphalted behind it

Bomax also proposed the provision of a stick-down sign post, developed especially for the Olympic Games. The sign posts incorporated the adhesive system used on Scan Kerb, and trials proved enormously successful.

  • initial testing period saw the Scan Kerb installed for approximately one month, in order to replicate the length of the Olympic and Paralympic games
  • allowed Bomax and the Olympics Project Specifiers to test both impact and ease of removal

Bomax Managing Director, Mark Bone commented: ’This project was carried out to exacting standards, and to tight deadlines. and the kerbs can be easily removed after the Paralympic Games with minimum disruption’.

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