ECOStyle Holland takes top slot in global BREEAM awards

  • 16 Aug 2016

A distribution warehouse set at the heart of an ambitious business park in Oosterwolde, Holland has taken the top award in the industrial category at the 2016 BREEAM Awards.

The ECOStyle warehousing and logistic building achieved a rating of 85% outstanding for world-class sustainability. ABC+D finds out more…

The 52,000ft2 new build is the centrepiece of an innovative business development – the Ecomunitypark in Oosterwolde, northern Holland. It hopes to create a sustainable work environment where companies collaborate, share knowledge, create synergy and generate added value for people, nature and the environment. Its underlying ethos is that of integral sustainability linked to socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship.

Developed by the Zethoven Bouwplan Groep on behalf of client ECOstyle, the defining principle behind the building was to synergise with the Ecomunitypark core values. ECOstyle produces a range of environmentally responsible natural pesticides and organic fertilizer products and the warehousing facility is part of an expansion plan by the Zwart Family.

With the BREEAM certification serving as a standard for the Ecomunitypark, the park itself has a five-star Outstanding BREEAM-score as well, there was a notable desire to apply the same philosophy in the construction of the new ECOstyle buildings.

"This solar park generates twice the electricity needed to power the warehouse itself, so overcapacity is used in other buildings in the Ecommunitypark" - BREEAM

“This solar park generates twice the electricity needed to power the warehouse itself, so overcapacity is used in other buildings in the Ecommunitypark” – BREEAM

Zethoven Bouwplan Group designed a building that is completely self-sufficient, equipped with underfloor heating, powered by six air-to-water heat pumps. It has no connection to the gas mains and electricity is generated by 13,000ft2 of solar panels covering the entire roof. This solar park generates twice the electricity needed to power the warehouse itself, so overcapacity is used in other buildings in the Ecommunitypark. 

Together with excellent insulation grades (>6.0m2K/W) in the roof and walls, the carbon dioxide emissions are dramatically reduced and the use of fossil fuels reduced to zero.

The warehouse has its own sewage treatment facility, purifying the sewage water through a biological process. After the water has been treated, it goes directly into the natural water feature situated in the centre of the Ecomunitypark. Process water and water used for flushing toilets is recycled from rainwater. The base of the building is equipped with gabions that provide natural hiding places for birds and insects and help increase the biodiversity of the area around the building.

The lighting plan focuses on energy saving and creating a safe and pleasant working environment. The building is illuminated by LED downlights and special LED light lines that are automatically turned off when there is no movement. The combination of the LED lights and building management system means the lighting system is over 70% more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lighting.

ECOstyle has opted for several measures to ensure all employees have a safe and healthy working environment. Air filter installations filter out fine dust and large windows at the end of every aisle provide extra daylight and give the people working inside a connection with the exceptional natural environment outside.

Speaking about the BREEAM award developer, Zethoven Bouwplan Group said: “Winning the BREEAM Award is a beautiful recognition for the unique features of the building and the Ecomunitypark. Anne Jan Zwart’s ideas for both this environment and the ECOstyle premises were very ambitious, and BREEAM was the best partner for providing guidance during the process, as well as offering positive recognition afterwards.

It helped us make the best choices in developing stateof- the-art buildings, following basic principles regarding maximum integration into the environment and stimulating ecology, sustainability and health and safety for the ECOstyle team. These principals were best reflected in the BREEAM certification and the award is further validation of this.”

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