Engcon launches hoseless modular system and high-flow swivel

  • 29 Jun 2018

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Engcon, the world’s leading tiltrotator manufacturer, has upgraded its unique modular design for its automatic EC-Oil hydraulic connection system.

This upgrade enables for the quick connection of a GRD detachable grab cassette and SWD detachable sweeper, without using hoses inside the hitch.

The new hose-free design simplifies the quick hitch because the block is directly attached without the need for hose runs. And it’s just as easy to install and retrofit EC-Oil to Engcon’s new detachable and retrofittable GRD grab cassette and SWD sweeper.

In parallel with the development of the new modular tool attachment, Engcon has developed a new high-flow swivel, made possible by “directly feeding” the hydraulic function, with no need to pass it through the tiltrotator valves first.

The new high-flow swivel also has a separate case drain channel, which makes it possible to connect tools with this function via the tiltrotator.

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Fredrik Jonsson, Head of Development at Engcon Group, described the development as part of the company’s ‘unique modular concept.’

“We provide the customer with a basic product, to which additional functions can be easily added later. It’s an understatement to say we’re happy at having succeeded so well with something we once only dreamed of achieving,” he said.

The design of the hoseless modular system is a project run jointly with technology consultants, end customers and Engcon’s in-house R&D department.

“Modern construction demands diggers with safe quick hitches, extra functions, automatic oil connection and high flows, and that makes quick hitches very constricted and hard to service,” Fredrik added.

“This forced us to think along entirely different lines and a few years ago we jointly set up an objective of offering an uncluttered service-friendly quick hitch beneath our tiltrotators.

“Our solution makes Engcon unique, in that no other company can offer a hose-free automatic hydraulic connection system, no hoses to abrade or burst means less downtime, fewer engineer call-outs, improved safety and greater profitability.”

One of the most important requirements Engcon made was for it to be easy to retrofit EC-Oil, Engcon’s automatic oil connection system, which means the excavator operator can remain in the cab while connecting hydraulic tools.

The above photo shows Robert Hunt, MD Engcon UK (credit: Paul Cleverley).

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