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The impact of ceiling tiles on interior aesthetics

  • 28 Apr 2016

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Over the last decade, the market for ceiling tiles has developed with a much wider choice of products now available to meet any budget or specification. David Whittle, category manager for Sektor – the interiors brand exclusive to CCF – discusses the various options on offer and how they can meet the wide ranging demands of commercial interior projects…

David Whittle, category manager for Sektor.

David Whittle, category manager for Sektor.

The ceiling market has always been dominated by trends relating to aesthetics, particularly by fissured tiles that many end-users are likely to associate with ageing office blocks. This is certainly no longer the case, with a huge choice of finishes now available; from basic hole filler options to high-end and contemporary bright white tiles.

For basic specifications in low footfall areas, reduced price point tiles that may not wear as well are often the most sensible option. However, a higher specification tile can meet a much broader range of requirements and guarantee a finish that is suitable for areas that are going to experience heavy footfall and, therefore, be seen by many people.

In fact, with the range of products and finishes now widely available, ceiling tiles are becoming a valued and important aspect of interior design. Plus, they play a significant role in the creation of healthy and effective environments for work, relaxation and leisure.

Ceilings cover as large an area as floors and, similarly, the aesthetics can spoil a modern and open-plan space if not considered in the specification process.

Sahara Plain

“With a range of products and finishes now widely available, ceiling tiles are becoming a valued and important aspect of interior design…” – David Whittle

The majority of commercial specifications will also include a requirement to meet legal fire protection standards and often have acoustic demands to match. Ceiling tiles have a major role to play in this too. After all, why install carefully planned partitioning and safety systems that meet regulations and then opt for a ceiling system that does nothing to contribute to the sound absorption or fire ratings of the room?

Part of the integral benefits of the durability and hard-wearing nature of a higher specification tile is that it gives far better acoustics in terms of sound absorption and attenuation in addition to the increasing importance of light reflection.

In addition to greater choice regarding the tile itself, the market has also developed to offer new types of ceiling grid that again help with a quick, simple and effective installation. Plus, during research into the development of the new Sektor TruGrid system, it was confirmed that the grid is often just as important to the installer.

The strength of both click and hook grids is essential for a high quality finish and an effective installation. Being able to ensure a Trufit is really key and makes the grid something worth investing in.

Suppliers to the interiors market are rising to the challenge with ceiling tiles and grids that cover the entire spectrum of budgets and project requirements. Ceiling height, various finishes and integrated lighting all give the designer and specifier far greater freedom to achieve their desired look, all while supporting the practical use of the building.

With this in mind, it is clear that these products have become an integral part of a complete interiors solution when working to meet high quality aesthetics and acoustics. They should, therefore, be considered alongside partitions and other interior building products as priority.

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