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Thermal imaging raises the roof at IRT surveys

  • 9 Mar 2017

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IRT Surveys, flat roofing surveying specialists, has built its business on the use of FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras, E60-BX models.

IRT uses FLIR cameras on a daily basis, the use of which has transformed the flat roof surveying sector.

FLIR E60BX camera

Stewart Little, founder and CEO of IRT Surveys is living proof of this, after spending five years in architecture working as a technician looking at how buildings stay water right, then selling flat roofs and roof gardens.

He explains how infrared thermal cameras have changed the industry, allowing for the precise location of roof that needs to be replaced and what is causing the issue.

Therefore, a much higher level of trust between client and surveyor has been engendered, to the extent that since 2002, IRT Surveys has become the biggest company of its type in the UK.

Building surveys and energy assessments are the two core business activities at Dundee-headquartered IRT.

IRT will typically provide a complete fabric survey, arranging for the walls, windows and roof to be checked. This involves taking daytime survey photography, recording the positions the photos were taken with GPS logging and marking on drawn-up plans.

FLIR866 - housing

The process is then repeated at night from the space positions using a FLIR infrared thermal camera, and then analysed and quantified by in-house experts at IRT before a facts-based survey report is written, checked and sent to the client.

Alternatively, IRT has nine complementary drones, operated by fully licensed pilots, for buildings where access is restricted.

Stewart Little explains that IRT have 15 FLIR cameras in total, the first being bought in 2002 when the business was set up, and still works perfectly well today. Stewart expresses the importance of image quality and ease-of-use, and cites the twist and pull trigger functionality as particularly useful.

Equally, FLIR cameras are crucial to IRT’s energy assessment work, where the company has developed special software that converts pixels into pounds.

Stewart says “we can show how much eery is being wasted in CO2, kWh and pound notes.” As a fast way to access grants, the tool has won lots of business, having surveyed around 250,000 homes to date and FLIR infrared cameras are a vital part of the initiative.

FLIR866 - flatroof

Recently, IRT has taken part in an initiative that saw 7500 surveys completed speculatively  for owner-occupiers in Aberdeen. In addition, a letter was sent to each household with an online link to their individual energy assessment results. To which, 27% went online to view the results of their property.

It is predicted that interest will further increase with the MEES regulations making it unlawful from April 2018 to let either commercial or domestic properties in England and Wales which do not achieve a minimum EPC rating of ‘E’. Consequently, landlords will be required to take action soon, to avoid higher compliance costs and protect property revenue.

Stewart Little explains that using the franchisee model allows the separation of the sales and data capture side of the business from the analysis function. Therefore, IRT is faster and more competitive than others, as well as having plenty of venture capital behind it.

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