Waterproofing products specified for residential development

  • 20 May 2015

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The development consists of 12 properties, seven of which are built partly into the hillside, with the rear gardens being at first floor level.

It was important to ensure these properties were protected against water ingress and remain habitable, therefore the retaining wall and floor slab were constructed using a dual system from Sika as a waterproofing solution.

Mellor Brook consists of 12 properties, seven of which are built partly into the hillside.

SikaProof A12

The dual system consists of SikaProof A12, together with the Sika Watertight Concrete system. This was to ensure complete watertightness of the ground floor, adhering to the principles laid out for Grade 3 of BS 8102:2009.

The membrane surface of SikaProof A12 is embossed with a grid pattern containing an integrated sealant. It is topped by a thin layer of fleece which forms a mechanical bond to the concrete as it dries.

The grid pattern offers additional protection, as the sealant bonds tightly with the surface of the concrete, forming mini watertight compartments.

If the membrane surface is damaged, moisture or pressured water cannot spread between the membrane and the concrete structure, as it is contained within the grid square.

Sika Watertight Concrete

Hope Construction Materials supplied Sika Watertight Concrete for the project. It is developed to offer protection for below ground and basement construction by preventing water from migrating through the concrete.

Sika admixtures work within the concrete to reduce the water/cement ratio. This increases the density of the mix and minimises the size, volume and continuity of the concrete’s pores.

It also helps with the placing of the concrete, ensuring a completely watertight finish.

Sika Tricosal Metal Waterbar

Construction joints on the Mellor Brook development were sealed with Sika Tricosal Metal Waterbar. This consists of a galvanised metal sheet with a layer of composite film on one side that bonds permanently to the concrete, acting as a physical barrier to the passage of water through the joints.

The Sikadur Combiflex Jointing System was used to seal the movement joints, consisting of a Sika Hypalon Strip and Sikadur -31 epoxy resin adhesive that establishes a strong bond to the substrate.

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