10 reasons Contour LST radiators are the best choice for schools

  • 28 Aug 2018

There are a number of reasons that Contour believes LST radiators can improve the quality and safety of heating in educational environments, and particularly Contour’s own LST radiators and radiator covers.

1) Safe Temperature Radiators

It’s a well-established fact that safe temperature is the main selling point of LST heating products.

Low surface temperatures are vital for complying with heating regulations in schools. By law, classroom radiators mustn’t exceed 43⁰C to ensure safety for staff and children. Invest in Contour’s LST heating products range to eliminate the risk of burns and injuries in your classrooms.

2) Anti-Microbial Technology And LST Radiators

Hygiene is core to Contour’s ethos, and that’s why we work with leading anti-microbial technology supplier, BioCote®, to inhibit the growth of microbes on the surfaces of your classroom radiators.

Controlled studies show that absenteeism in a classroom with BioCote®-treated equipment is 20% lower than classrooms with non-treated equipment. It’s stats like this that make schools want to work with Contour to improve classroom safety and hygiene.

Due to the temperature of radiators causing rapid multiplication of bacteria, we recommend that heating products should be one of your priority items to treat with anti-microbial technology.

3) Easy To Clean LST Radiators

Old-fashioned radiators are renowned for being difficult, costly and time-consuming when it comes to cleaning.

But, this isn’t the case with Contour’s DeepClean LST range. Contour radiator covers are disconnected from the wall with a simple lock mechanism. Invest in Rotarad valve fittings and the radiator itself can also be rotated away from the wall to floor level for even more thorough cleaning.

After the initial investment in LST radiators and radiator covers, your time spent cleaning and cleaning costs will be permanently reduced. Easy instructions on how to access a Contour LST radiator for cleaning are available here.

4) Quick Installation Of LST Radiators

Contour recognises that schools are busy environments where disruption needs to be minimised. That’s why Contour makes any modifications to your radiators and radiator covers during the manufacturing process.

This way, when Contour installs your radiators, the process will be quick and hassle-free, leaving you with ideal heating products for your classrooms without the disturbance of noisy, messy implementation.

5) Energy Efficiency And LST Radiators

There is a common misconception that LST radiator covers restrict warm air, but the opposite is, in fact, true.

Contour LST radiator covers are designed with an interior coating of Kingspan foam. The coating reflects heat back into the room that would otherwise be lost. This energy efficiency minimises cost and environmental drawbacks.

6) Bespoke LST Radiator Designs

Not all classrooms are easy to fit radiators for. Whether you need space-efficient features or extra security features, Contour will design LST radiators and radiator covers to fit your specific environment. Contour offers cut-outs, bay window radiator covers, wall-to-wall solutions, corner fitted covers and free-standing radiators, amongst other bespoke features, all to fit the individual requirements of your school.

7) Matte Or Metallic Colour Choice

According to colour psychology, the colour of a classroom can have a huge impact on the ways that students absorb information. Whether you need colour radiators to match a calming, peaceful classroom, or a classroom designed to stimulate ideas and energy, Contour will be able to advise you as to colour choices for your school LST radiators.

Not only do Contour radiators provide a safe function for classrooms, Contour will also integrate them into your design scheme, to make your classrooms as appealing as possible.

8) 10 And 5 Year Warranties

All contour radiators and radiator covers are protected by 10 and 5-year warranties respectively and Contour will always ensure value for money and long-lasting, durable products for your school environment.

9) Affordable

If you need to make a large order for LST radiators and radiator covers on a budget, check out the Covora range for the best value LST heating products. These efficient, mild steel LST radiators are designed to last and provide an affordable, durable solution for classroom heating.

You can download the Covora brochure here for more information.

10) Trustworthy Brand

Contour offers premium services that are widely employed across the education sector. The company values its reputation as one of the leading LST radiator providers in the UK and are more than happy to advise you on the best radiators and radiator covers for your educational environment.

Contour can be contacted at;
The Mansions
43 Broadway
TF11 8BB
Tel: 01952 290 498
Email: [email protected]

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