5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home

  • 19 Oct 2015

Whether you’re planning a redecorating project for the new year, moving into a new property, or simply sprucing up your current property; these five simple design choices can boost the look and atmosphere in your home.

Inside The House – Boosting Storage 


There is nothing relaxing about an unorganised and cluttered home. The simple solution to this is to incorporate a storage system. 

With the number of storage options available there are endless opportunities in regards to finding the best system for you – whether you choose minimalistic shelving or invest in home storage boxes.

By giving your possessions a place of their own, you will automatically change the atmosphere for the better.

Focus on Lighting


Lighting is essential in creating a warm and inviting feel in a property. Rather than investing in traditional or consistent lighting in every room, think about what each space should say.

The kitchen should be bright and welcoming, but opting for softer lighting in the living room can induce a calmer atmosphere, with strategically placed lamps for the darker months.

Go through each room in your home and decide how you can achieve the perfect level of lighting you desire in each room.

Change Your Flooring


Whilst one of the more costly tasks, a change of flooring will automatically spruce up your home.

Whether your preference is a cosy carpet or more practical wooden flooring, focusing on one room at a time can achieve a fresh look over an extended period.

This simple change can alter the aesthetics of your home drastically.

Outside The House – Maintain The Exterior Of Your Property


Finally, turn your attention to the exterior of your property. During the summer months, have any climbing plants trimmed back and take care of your garden.

It is also important to ensure your gutters are cleaned four times a year, as blocked guttering can lead to foundation damage amongst other issues.

Companies such as Gutter Maintenance can take care of the upkeep on your behalf.

Spruce Up The Entryway


A well-maintained doorway speaks volumes about a home, as does a dirty front door with chipped and peeling paint. 

By cleaning and maintaining this space, you can walk into your home without immediately seeing numerous things to add to your to-do list.

These simple tasks, whether undertaken all in one go or over an extended period of time, can really boost the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere of your home. 

Visit the Gutter Maintenance website

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