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Abloy UK launches new Incedo Offline for offline access control management

  • 11 Sep 2023

Abloy UK has launched Incedo Offline, an extension to the Incedo ecosystem that allows access to be managed both in real-time and offline at the same premises, providing even greater control and flexibility for security and facilities managers.

The Incedo solution now allows organisations to secure almost any opening with either an offline autonomous electronic lock or in real-time via online devices, with everything managed in one place, using the flexible, scalable, intuitive platform.

Firstly, the organisation selects the access control hardware required across single or multiple buildings or sites, and then choose between cloud or local management. Areas such as doors, cabinets, gates, server racks and more can be secured with Aperio wireless devices, wired readers or PULSE smart key-operated, energy-harvesting locks.

Abloy UK

Building users are issued with a credential – for example a mobile key on a smartphone, battery-free smart key, or smart-card – which allows access to authorised areas. For example, any user’s smart key can be programmed to unlock both online Aperio wireless cylinders and autonomous PULSE cylinders.

The system can be administered securely from anywhere with an internet connection, and installation is easy, with no complex integrations required, and regular automatic software updates.

The addition of Incedo offline gives security and facilities managers the option to combine online and autonomous management, combining real-time access control of high security areas such as entrances, labs, server rooms, with offline control of areas with lower security needs. 

‘Another string to our bow’

Jason Boyce, Commercial Product Manager-EAC at Abloy UK, explains: “We have seen the landscape of access control change extensively in recent times, with businesses facing challenges such as hybrid working, the need for more efficient use of space, and low energy solutions.

“With this comes the requirement for access control, which is agile, scalable, and futureproof. The Incedo access control solution ticks all the boxes – with its vast range of digital locks and programmable credentials, it offers the flexibility to grow and adapt to meet evolving needs.

“Incedo Offline adds another string to our bow, with high functionality offline autonomous devices offering a cost-effective solution with faster installation, and no need for network cables or wireless hubs.”

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