ASSA ABLOY: Specification expertise helps architects to deliver door packages quicker

  • 14 Feb 2022

Speed and accuracy are critical to finalising door specifications in any complex architecture project. Working with ASSA ABLOY’s Openings Studio specification consultants helps Sweden’s TM Konsult to support customers of every size with clearer information. Collaboration speeds up the process and allows architects to focus on building design.

Door and security specification can be slow and laborious. For architects and designers who may be unfamiliar with the technical detail of door solutions, it can be a drain on valuable design and creative time.

ASSA ABLOY’s specification consultancy service provides this expertise. Specification experts help to ensure everyone involved in a project can access up-to-date information quickly. This service and local knowledge are available in regions and markets all over the world.


In Sweden, TM Konsult has worked with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions on projects including hotels, residential developments and public buildings. They range from 50 to more than 1,000 doors in size.

Door solutions and specification are critical elements within every project’s overall Building Information Modelling (BIM) process.

Jonatan Jacobsson, Engineer Architecture at TM Konsult, comments: “Being able to have support for complex door environments is super valuable and time-saving.”

Specification and BIM for architects

The BIM process is an ongoing dialogue, a process helping architects, building contractors, investors and project owners to work collaboratively. More than just workflow management or virtual modelling, BIM is a data-rich collaboration. One important, time-saving result is that every product specification is placed within a comprehensive, up-to-date, digital model of the building.

Jacobsson adds: “All our projects are done today with the support of BIM in some way. The value is there from day one, for the consultant as well as the customer.”

Specifiers from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions contribute directly throughout the BIM process. Their specialised knowledge is available to architect and client throughout, including at dedicated, specification meetings.

Efficient collaboration also enables transparent communication of critical project changes, so TM Konsult can address concerns and remedy errors fast — which keeps the project on track and the client happy.

Working closely with ASSA ABLOY consultants helps TM Konsult to deliver complete proposals for compliant door environments at an early stage. With door experts on board, decisions are made quickly and discussions are faster to conclude.

Collaboration with Openings Studio software

To supplement specification input from ASSA ABLOY, TM Konsult uses Openings Studio™ software as a digital collaboration environment. This intuitive package is optimized to work with popular design programs including Autodesk® Revit® and Graphisoft® Archicad®.

During specification set-up, architects can send door information directly from Revit®, saving time and ensuring accurate information transfer. When new decisions about a door package are made, the architect or designer can instantly update the specification with chosen products and parameters. Openings Studio™ can then export updated door specification information directly back into the project’s design.

Openings Studio™ also facilitates communication with the client. Customers prefer to receive information in different ways: Openings Studio™ has the flexibility for TM Konsult to present it in a way that suits each one.

To learn more about partnering with ASSA ABLOY’s BIM consultants, click here.

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