Autron LST Radiators provide effective and efficient heating

  • 31 Jul 2017

Autron LST radiators provide effective and energy efficient heating with an emphasis on safety.

Autron Low Surface Temperature radiators work through convection heating. The exterior cases are designed to remain safe-to-touch and when using the 3H2W emitter the Autron LSTs are fully compliant with NHS Guidance Notes: Safe hot water and surface temperatures. This means that these radiator cases have been tested not to exceed 43º C during operation.

The aluminium and copper emitters in Autron radiators contain less than 1/3 the water found in a typical flat panel emitter, producing the same wattage. Therefore, a school boiler can use less energy to heat the water.

BioCote anti-microbial coating protects Autron radiator casings and provides protection against microbes permanently.

Typically, the heating emitters can heat up and transfer the heat faster and in a more controllable way as they contain less water. You can also have the same or greater heating performance from units occupying less floor and wall space.

Autron LSTs can be turned on later saving energy costs while maintaining a comfortable environment in public areas.

As less water is required to pump and heat, Autron LST radiators can run off smaller hot water systems. Autron produce a purpose designed ‘low-flow’ friendly emitter, suitable for use with newer energy efficient condensing boiler or renewable energy.

In addition, Autron heat emitters have been independently tested by BSRIA in accordance with BSEN 442.

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