AWMS Gatic Access Covers: Future-proof solutions built on past experience

  • 13 Dec 2022

With a history of installations dating back almost 100 years, the Gatic name has proved itself to be every bit as robust as its products. Since 1928, Gatic has continued to develop and innovate, resulting in a range of unrivalled access solutions capable of tackling the most punishing of modern industrial environments.

Yet, never a company to rest on its laurels, Gatic maintains a progressive approach to the rigorous challenges constantly presented by ongoing advancements in industry, transportation and commerce; our roads, ports and airports have never been busier, and their demands never greater.

Exacting standards, uniquely sealed

Gatic access covers can be typically found in airports, ports, container docks, data centres, water treatment works, gas and electricity facilities, highways and tunnels.

As a modular system manufactured using ductile cast iron components, Gatic Access Covers can be assembled into virtually any size or shape of cover, to protect and allow easy access to a comprehensive range of underground services across various commercial and industrial venues. These volatile applications require the guaranteed protection offered only by Gatic Access Covers.

Examples include: 

 – Manhole/pump/valve/transformer chambers
 – Pipe and cable service trenches
 – Cable draw pits
 – Lighting pits
 – Fuel and fire hydrant pits
 – Machinery/plant access chambers
 – Combined sewer/overflow chambers 


The composition of the ductile iron is tightly controlled and the casting process is held to stringent limits. The covers and frames are pre-assembled at Gatic’s factory achieving a ‘metal to metal’ fit within 0.25mm tolerance.

This unique seal has been subject to independent BBA testing and has achieved BBA approval for guaranteed levels of gas-, air- and water-tightness, which cannot be attained when alternative options, such as composites, are retrofit into existing frames.

When correctly installed, this degree of fit also ensures Gatic covers will be non-rocking under traffic, and sealed against ingress of road dirt and other detritus.

When only an industry heavyweight will do

Whilst smaller applications may be suited to lighter-weight cover options, the gruelling nature of civil infrastructure can often only be tolerated by a more robust solution. Gatic Access Covers are supplied recessed for concrete infill or as a solid top, according to specifier preference. In both cases Gatic Assist Lift can be specified, which makes it possible for the covers to be safely lifted by one person.

Gatic covers are capable of withstanding heavy-duty loads up to and including loading group F900 (35 tonne slow moving wheel load – test load 900kN) which is suitable for airfields, taxiways, civil airports and docklands. They meet maximum permanent set criteria specified in BS EN 124 for each loading group. All covers are load tested within their service condition.

Comprehensive Features and Support

Gatic Access Covers are supported by a range of additional features to guarantee their suitability to any project. Anti-slip surfaces, lifting keys that lock into place allowing operator control, keyway plugs (to prevent blocking), and vandal resistance are standard throughout the product range.
With so many sizes, configurations and options available, selecting the appropriate product for each intended application is essential for it to achieve the service life and performance synonymous with Gatic.

Bearing this in mind, Gatic can help with the specification process and consider it a very important part of their service. With a workforce comprising members who have been with the company in excess of forty years, Gatic can boast unrivalled technical expertise and industry experience; a full support service to specifiers and contractors is available, including BIM and CAD.

AWMS: Leading the way in sustainable drainage

Under the AWMS umbrella, sit five brands well known for innovation, quality and longevity: 

Alumasc Rainwater Gutters & Downpipes; Skyline Architectural Aluminium;  Harmer Building Drainage; Wade Building Drainage and Gatic Civil Drainage & Access Covers. 

Download the Gatic Access Covers Brochure or for more information, call AWMS on 01787 475151, or visit

Alumasc Water Management Solutions
Station Road
NN15 5JP
United Kingdom

Phone: 01536 383810
Fax: 01744 648401

Visit Alumasc Water Management Solutions website

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