Can LST radiators be recycled?

  • 4 Apr 2019

Contour Heating Products Ltd discusses the recyclability of LST radiators and radiator covers when they come to the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Contour LST radiators are made from steel, allowing them to be recycled over and over again and be repurposed into steel for another product rather than stripped down and only partially recycled. states that galvanised steel can also be recycled with other steel scraps in the electric ARC furnace.

Steel’s extended lifespan means that Contour’s LST radiators are long-lasting from the moment that they are manufactured.

Plus, Contour provides a ten-year warranty on the radiator itself and a five-year warranty on its radiator valves and radiator covers. This ensures that Contour’s LST radiators maintain strong performance and limits the need for constant updates that would require the production of more steel.

In environments such as nurseries where children are running around or in hospitals where vulnerable people are at risk of burns there are additional considerations around low surface temperature heating solutions that need to be addressed.

The Health And Safety Executive states: “associated pipework [is] likely to operate at temperatures which may present a burn risk”. Additionally, a statement from The Department of Health says: “Heating pipework should not be exposed to touch within service user-accessible areas and should be encased and insulated”.

Contour supplies aluminium pipe-boxing to environments where a more robust solution is needed. Aluminium is an extremely environmentally friendly material to use in heating solutions. Over 90% of the aluminium in the manufacturing sectors is recycled at the end of its lifespan. 

In pipe-boxing form, it is a recyclable low surface temperature solution that keeps the space safer for all users and looks after the environment even after being used.

The metals that makeup LST radiators are recyclable. This means that as they reach the end of their long lifespan, they can be reused in other products- including being reformed into new LSTs, radiator covers and pipe-boxing.

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