Can you get large LST radiator guards?

  • 16 Oct 2019

In certain spaces, radiators can be larger than normal, with some going wall to wall, but this isn’t an issue for Contour, with all radiator guards being made to measure. 

Depending on building sizes and designs sometimes radiators come as an afterthought and can be installed in areas that might not be ideal for the environment.

Older buildings generally have large cast iron radiators that are often used as a seat/to lean on. This then becomes a hazard to occupants as the heat is not contained. Certain regulations require all heating and ventilation to be protected. Particularly in mental health environments, where anti-ligature products are essential for the wellbeing of the occupants and staff.

Schools are common places to find large radiators, as they normally run alongside a wall such as a sports hall/assembly room. All our LST radiator guards come with the option of a flat or sloped top. The below project included the installation of radiator guards in a school hall, measuring 10.3 metres.

Hospital corridors are another common place for large or long radiators as hospitals have to obtain a certain temperature for patients wellbeing. Selecting LST radiators for hospitals can be hard as there are so many requirements. DeepClean LST Radiator guards come with a robust structure and an exclusive Biocote® microbial protection.

Large Wall To Wall LST Radiators

Sometimes large radiators need to be fitted wall to wall due to their location. This can be because of aesthetics or the need to maximise heat output by using the entire wall. Having an LST radiator made to go wall-to-wall solves both of these requirements when designing a heating system.

How Are Large LST Radiator Guards Fitted?

One framework is internally bolted together with multiple doors installed to ensure the structure remains strong. It also makes it easier for a cleaner as they can do one section at a time and be able to lower the guard on their own.

Another benefit of this approach is if a part or section gets damaged it can be repaired easier and will be more cost effective than replacing the whole thing.

Large Vertical Radiators

Sometimes large radiators come in unique shapes and sizes. All of Contour’s LST radiator guards are bespoke make in the UK. Vertical radiators are common in bigger rooms that have edges used for other things such as apparatus in schools and even in toilets.

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