13 February 2015

Growth in the GGF’s online presence

With 36 million British people using the internet every day, it is no surprise that the GGF’s online presence has grown Since 2011, the Federation has launched a new website, downloadable technical publications, technical microsites and its Energy Savings Calculator. CE Marking flow charts and templates from the company have also been released online. The[…]

  • 13 February 2015

06 February 2015

BIM content from Harmer Drainage

By introducing Level 2 compliant BIM content, Harmer Drainage will meet Government requirements and be considered for future Government project work The SML cast iron soil and waste pipework system, which has been certified by the British Board Agrément and meets the European Standard BS EN 877, is now BIM Level 2 compliant. This means[…]

  • 06 February 2015

04 February 2015

New CAD drawing for hygiene rooms in schools

Clos-o-Mat’s new CAD drawing is for hygiene rooms that have to meet size and equipment requirements The latest edition of the Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 103 declares that a specialist hygiene room of 12 square metres must be included in all mainstream secondary schools. The hygiene rooms must be built with enough space for assistants to[…]

  • 04 February 2015

03 February 2015

Windows, doors and curtain walling added to NBS National BIM Library

The NBS National BIM Library has been designed as a resource for specifiers creating BIM models By making its products available on the National BIM Library, Senior Architectural Systems has enabled specifiers to add its products to their BIM models and BIM objects. One example is the SF52 system, which is capable of holding double[…]

  • 03 February 2015

02 February 2015

New BIM software from Wolf Systems heads to Ecobuild

Wolf Systems’ new BIM software, Horizon, has been designed for use by timber frame designers Horizon software is a timber frame tool built on Autodesk’s Revit Structure platform. The software has been conceived to allow timber frame designers to create 3D objects that symbolise actual physical building details. The 3D wall panels, floors and roof[…]

  • 02 February 2015

26 January 2015

Infrared cameras to be unveiled at Ecobuild

UltraMax images have twice the resolution of standard unprocessed images FLIR has added the T460 and T660 models to its T-Series. They both include continuous auto-focus and recording of radiometric images as well as featuring UltraMax technology. UltraMax enables camera users to zoom in on heat anomalies. UltraMax images have four times the amount of[…]

  • 26 January 2015

08 December 2014

Flir Systems troubleshooting thermal imaging cameras

End of year Education Offer FLIR E6 is available at £998 and the FLIR E60 at £2,998 ex VAT a 50% discount on recommended retail price valid until the close of the year Both are troubleshooting thermal imaging cameras They come complete with MSX® multi-spectral imaging, the patented FLIR image processing technology that adds visible[…]

  • 08 December 2014

01 December 2014

Improved functionality and price of FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera

The new feature complements multi-spectral imaging that is now standard on the FLIR E8 and which continues to drive demand for this model.  It provides exceptional imaging quality by extracting outline detail from the on-board visual camera and blending it with the thermal profile.  Its effect is particularly striking on the high resolution, 320 x[…]

  • 01 December 2014

24 November 2014

EDI requirements outsourced to Wesupply to reduce internal resources

The existing system used by Rollins was not delivered as a managed service and still required a large amount of input, causing the company to look elsewhere for an outsourced solution. The introduction of Wesupply’s OneTime solution allows Rollins to become fully outsourced with no software or hardware required in house, significantly reducing the amount[…]

  • 24 November 2014

21 November 2014

New Moisture Meter for building professionals and tradesmen

New 7250 Moisture Meter features include Digital Moisture Meter incorporating a colour coded bar graph easy to read 20-LED bar graph within the keypad which is synchronised with the units LCD which displays current moisture levels green for ‘OK’, amber for ‘WARNING’ or red for ‘DAMP’ bar graph allows users to interpret the moisture level[…]

  • 21 November 2014