11 December 2013

The BIM future of sustainability

Many in the construction industry have speculated about what features the city of 2050 will offer. Ideas such as living street lights, smart buildings and farmscrapers frequently arise and, in some places, are already in development. With mounting pressure on resources, increasing populations and rapid climate change, new technology and conceptual designs will be vital[…]

  • 11 December 2013

04 December 2013

CEL-633 sound level meter monitors noise levels at demolition site

The company’s CEL-633 sound level meter was brought in to measure and impart Forshaw’s occupational noise levels. The product ‘s 2GB memory stores more than a year of continuous data and can be set to trigger audio recording and collect additional information when the monitor is unattended. The CEL-633 complies with all the latest international[…]

  • 04 December 2013