• 26 February 2014

  • 13 February 2014

13 February 2014

CE marking does not always ensure high quality products are installed

A ‘Declaration of Performance’ (DoP) legal document is required to gain a CE marking and must be retained for a period of ten years to ensure protection against any legal cases which may be drawn up against the product. Specifiers and installers can contact Abloy’s team of specialists to ensure that products they supply are[…]

  • 13 February 2014

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17 January 2014

Secure wireless access control made faster with Aperio IP Hub

Compatible with Power over Ethernet technology to allow for mains power and data to be run through the same cable, the product is designed for use with IP-based systems in access control, CCTV and other areas. Available alongside the latest version of TLS encryption built into the software, Aperio enables providers to combine non-wired doors[…]

  • 17 January 2014

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