Cembrit introduces new facade board with 3D effect

  • 16 Oct 2019

Cembrit has introduced a brand-new facade board with 3D effect, inspired by nature’s unique features.

With the new Patina Inline facade board, Cembrit meets the rising demand from architects and builders worldwide, for facades that add character and depth to any building’s expression, with the ability to fit the surrounding environment. 

Facades with depth and character are gaining ground in the construction industry. Today, architects and builders across Europe ask for building materials that fit the surrounding environment and leave a natural and vibrant expression with the ability to patinate as seasons change and time passes.


To meet the increasing demand, Cembrit, one of Europe’s leading distributors and manufacturers of fibre cement products, launched the Cembrit Patina design line and now adds a brand-new product to the facade board range with a design inspired by the natural lines of a landscape: 

Stinne Damsbo Sander, Head of Product Management at Cembrit, commented: “Today, architects strive to design vibrant building facades inspired by nature’s constant change and with the ability to shift expression through time.

“Cembrit Patina Inline is a brand-new facade board that, like the other facade boards in the Cembrit Patina design line, has a natural and sleek design.

“The new Patina Inline facade board offers the opportunity to add even more depth and character to any construction, and the board’s milled lines create a unique 3D effect as daylight moves across the building.”

Combined with other facade boards in the Cembrit Patina design line, the new facade product offers even more design options in terms of angles, patterns and colours enhancing the lines of the building’s design. 


Robust materials and maintenance-free 

The Cembrit Patina Inline facade board is made of fibre cement and characterised by its high strength and durability and limited need for maintenance.

Made of the same robust materials as the rest of the Cembrit Patina design line, the new facade board is classified in accordance with the European fire standard EN 13501-1, classification A2, s1-d0.

Stinne Damsbo Sander added: “Built of strong and durable materials, Cembrit Patina Inline is able to resist rough weather conditions and wear for decades.

“The new board is virtually maintenance-free which is recommended for most constructions today. Cembrit Patina Inline can also be used for low-energy buildings and do not require special tools when installed.”

Cembrit Patina Inline is a part of the Cembrit Patina design line – a universe of natural Cembrit facade boards that all share the same authentic expression.

Besides Cembrit Patina Inline, the authentic design line also includes Cembrit Patina Rough and the original Cembrit Patina that is already a well-known board in some markets.  

Cembrit Patina Inline is available in three different, timeless colours. The board is through-coloured ensuring a homogeneous colour when cut to size.

For more inspiration, visit the Cembrit website and experience the Cembrit Patina Inline. In the beginning of October, a facade visualiser will be launched to enable customers to visualise the Cembrit façade boards applied on different building types.

About Cembrit Patina Inline

  • Available in light grey, dark grey, and sand: P 050, P 070 and P 545 
  • Four standard sizes (1192/1250 x 2500/3050)
  • Facade design with authentic and continuous lines 
  • Vibrant facade with 3D effect

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