Clamp-on heat/energy metering solution offers cost savings

  • 26 Aug 2015

When servicing a building, it is important to measure the thermal heat/energy consumption of hot (LTHW) and chilled water services, in order to monitor, control and manage its energy consumption.

However, the installation process – which includes system drain down and pipe cutting – often presents a costly barrier to wider application of sub-metering.

U1000 HM heat/energy meter

Micronics’ U1000 HM heat/energy meter can be fitted onto pipe heat/energy metering solutions without the need for programming

Micronics’ U1000 HM heat/energy meter has been developed as a clamp-on heat/energy meter to compliment the company’s U1000 clamp-on flow meter.

The new product has also been designed to facilitate the use of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for water sub-metering and thermal heat/energy measurement.

It offers a measurement of liquid flowing within a closed pipe; the flow and return temperature difference calculates the heat/energy load, eliminating the need for mechanical parts to be inserted into the flow system.

The U1000 is Modbus compatible; it can be used as a standalone meter or integrated to work in conjunction with aM&T or BEM’s systems.

Straightforward installation

The product’s design removes the need for drain down and pipe cutting, offering a cost-effective alternative to in-line meter installation.

It can be fitted within several minutes: the unit is clamped to the pipe; the pipe size is then selected, the sensor clamps are released and the pre-wired clamp-on PT100 flow and return temperature sensors are secured.

Finally, the power is connected to a pre-wired cable.

Cost savings

The installed savings on pipe sizes greater than 50mm within new build applications are significant in comparison with traditional in-line metering products.

The larger the pipe-work – for example, in chilled water lines – the greater the potential savings.

Using costs from Spons M&E, the price for installing an 80mm insertion meter with maintenance bypass in steel pipe would be circa £2,000 more than the installation of an equivalent clamp-on meter.

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