Collecting seeds techniques from EverEdge

  • 5 Aug 2022

Collecting your own seeds from your crops is extremely rewarding! It enables you to grow your own crops next year without having to pay for the seeds again, so take some time to look around your garden and see what seeds might be worth drying and storing for next year. Seeds you find might not bear the same fruit as what was originally cultivated. 

Some steps from EverEdge to successfully collect seeds…

 – Choose some healthy fruits and let them fully ripen

 – Don’t use any fruits where the seeds are dark or have already germinated

 – Have a paper towel and add a small amount of water to cover the seeds

 – Place these seeds in a warm area

 – Let sit for five days

 – Wash the seeds and then let them dry

 – Once dried store in an airtight container 


Do your part – EverEdge has some tips for your garden on how to keep the drought away best as you can.

 – Ditch the sprinkler – a hose or sprinkler uses around 1,000 litres an hour, instead use a watering can.

 – Use a water butt to store rainwater for the drier spells

 – Place drip trays below your pots to collect drainage

 – Avoid watering your lawn – it will recover next time it rains

 – Add mulch around plants to help the soil retain water

 – Add your compost to the soil; this increases the soil health 

 – Use self-watering pots or baskets that capture rainwater which wastes less water

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