Contour – Minimising Stash Points in Section 136 Suites

  • 29 Mar 2021

The Section 136 suite provides security for individuals arrested under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act – this article sees Contour look at minimising stash points in them.

In Section 136 suites, individuals undergo searching before they enter a suite. In most cases, they will only be staying for a short period of time, so stash points may not be a serious area of concern.

However, in an unlikely event where an individual chooses to use stash points, specifiers and architects should consider a heating solution that has small ventilation grilles and pipe boxing to minimise the risk.

Items Found In Stash Points

Despite the level of search that takes place, contraband such as drugs, mobile phones, and weapons are items that can be found in stash points.

It is not uncommon for a conventional section 136 suite to have exposed pipework running along the perimeter of the room. This causes a variety of opportunities for individuals to stash drugs, phones, and other contraband inside them.


Stash Point Considerations from Contour for 136 Suites

136 suites that are built pre-twentieth-century are likely to have exposed pipework and outdated air conditioning/radiator panelling. This, in turn, will cause a range of risks for all service users.

One risk can be LST radiators or air conditioning units becoming ligature risks and stash points for individuals. This occurs via the picking of the heating system to create sharp weapons to self-inflicted harm, cause injury to others, and create stash points.

With Contour’s pipe boxing, the pipework is fully encapsulated by a 2mm Zintec steel casing, making it highly efficient at preventing individuals within section 136 suites from stashing contraband around the pipework.

Reducing Stash Points With Contour Anti-Ligature Features

Anti-ligature solutions often feature in areas where there is a potential risk for suicide and self-harm. 

However, the anti-ligature radiator and guard‘s full casing and 2mm grille design ensure they are the ideal deterrent for the cover-up of contraband; making it highly unlikely for individuals to hide items inside casings.

Along with Contour’s easy-access locking system, routine checks can take place safely and thoroughly in the unlikely event of an item being put inside the casing’s interior.


Through the appropriate specification of heating and ventilation solutions within section 136 suites, you can reduce occurrences of hidden contraband, helping to promote a safe and custodial environment.

Section 136 need to be comfortable environments for the individuals that enter them. Therefore, a laid back environment, without the worry of stash points, is vital for the wellbeing of these individuals.

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