Contour: The Cleaning Tips You Need For LST Radiators

  • 11 Oct 2021

Here, Contour provides some useful cleaning tips to make sure your LST radiators remain to the highest possible hygiene standards…

With concerns surrounding hygiene at what seems like an all time high, it’s no surprise the NHS has drawn up guidelines that dictate cleaning routines in certain environments. 

Among the guides, the NHS also highlights how often radiators in hospital and care home environments should be cleaned.  

These environments are where people are usually at their most vulnerable. Therefore, having a stringent cleaning regime is vital to help fight against unwanted bacteria or viruses. 

But to have a regime that is quick and efficient, radiators must be designed to help make this process so.  

Contour’s range of LST radiators are designed with this in mind. Here, are some cleaning tips to ensure your environments remain to the loftiest possible standards of hygiene.


LST Radiator Cleaning in Five Simple Steps

In a handful of easy-to-follow instructions, maintenance teams can quickly and efficiently clean LST radiators. This ensures hygiene and cleanliness levels remain at the highest possible standards.  

1: Release the LST radiator casing by using the provided key to quarter turn the lock.

2: Remove the key and safely allow the one-piece door to drop down to floor level. This will then give you full access to the radiator and floor beneath.

3: If Rotarad valve fittings have been selected for your LST radiator, another level of access is also provided. Simply rotate the radiator towards the ground, accessing the rear of the LST radiator.

4: Remove dust and dirt and wipe down the radiators using a damp microfibre cloth.

5: Rotate the radiator back into its original position and push back the radiator cover, locking in position using the provided key.

For more information on cleaning LST radiators and other heating products in Contour’s range, read this extensive cleaning guide or contact its team.

Other LST Radiator Cleaning Tips

Use BioCote in Radiator Coating

Protection for LST radiators can be given right from the first point of contact. Included in the powder coating process, BioCote is a scientifically proven solution that can fight against harmful microbes. Such examples are e. Coli and MRSA.

Because BioCote is doing the heavy lifting, courageously fighting off microbes, the only cleaning required on the radiator’s surfaces is a simple wipe with a damp cloth. 

What To Use to Clean LST Radiators?

LST radiators are designed to make cleaning as easy and manageable as possible. This means maintenance teams require very little in the way of technical cleaning equipment. 

As mentioned, with BioCote included in the powder coated surfaces, the only maintenance necessary is with a damp microfibre cloth. 

Not only will this this help remove any dirt and dust from the surfaces, the microfibre cloth also doesn’t damage the powder coated surface, extending your radiators life. 


Cleaning a radiator to help maintain hygiene levels might seem obvious at first, but how many times have you tried to clean a radiator and realised it’s almost impossible to do?

With impossible to clean radiators comes impossible to fight health concerns. 

That’s why having LST radiators that are easily cleaned and combat bacteria and viruses is a must in these environments.

While the likes of BioCote help combat this, innovative designs like Rotarad and drop-down front covers all mean there is no place for dust and dirt to hide. 

If you’d like to make sure your LST radiators are in the right state to be able to not only be regularly and easily cleaned, but to also combat hygiene and protect people in the surrounding environments, contact Contour’s expert team today.  

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