Could suburbia be architecture’s greatest opportunity?

  • 8 May 2019

Suburbias are known for their ‘boxy’, similar looking houses, mainly due to the lack of time that housebuilders have for these large scale developments, as well as the skills shortage.

Consequently, this has led to unimaginative template developments, where a few simple housing designs are replicated over and over. But, as the popularity of eclectic city centres demonstrates, human beings crave variety to create interest and feed the soul.

The good news is that today’s construction methods mean it’s possible to be much more adventurous with house designs. Intricate brick elements can be pre-manufactured in factory conditions, free from the effects of weather and without delays waiting for skilled labour.

Everything from eye-catching bullseye windows, soaring arches, and brick soffits can be created using bespoke steel lintels to which brick slips are securely bonded. Because the bricks are sourced from site, these one-piece elements can be delivered ready for quick, easy installation.

The brick details add variety and diversity to even the most standard new build, but they also offer a tantalising opportunity to alter preconceptions of what a suburban house looks like.

Building on such a rich heritage, architects have a unique opportunity to encourage potential homeowners to think differently about living in suburbia.

The fact is that most people in the UK live in suburban developments and housing shortages and limits on space mean that suburbia will continue to grow. It presents a huge canvas for architects to demonstrate their creativity and imagination and, thanks to modern methods of construction, it’s never been easier to enrich this once-beloved brand of architecture.

For more than 60 years, IG Lintels has been designing and developing specialist products to give architects freedom of choice without compromising build quality. Click here for more information on designing stylish suburban houses.

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