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Crown Paints launches trio of colour trends for 2019

  • 29 Mar 2019

Crown Paints has launched three core colour trends to shape interior design schemes for the first half of 2019 and beyond.

Crown Paints is passionate about colour, recognising that specifying the right product for a project is only half the story, as choosing the right colour is vital.

Crown’s aim is to encourage everyone, whether specifying or painting, to have the confidence to experiment with colour, which is why it invests in developing fresh new colour trends each year.

The company’s team of colour experts, comprising consultants, specialists and designers, meet every year to explore current and future global colour trends across a range of different sectors.

The team then distil the overarching themes into tangible and separate colour palettes for designers, specifiers and decorators alike to take inspiration from. The colour schemes are devised to appeal as widely as possible, to help specifiers find the perfect fit for every project.

The panel creates a distinct identity for each trend, as well as highlighting the hero shades and complementing tones within the trio of colour schemes, which this year have been identified as ‘Redefined’, ‘Movement’ and ‘Immersed’.

Anchored in the here and now, all three are united by the natural world, taking inspiration from natural materials and elements around us, albeit in slightly different ways.

In a nod to current industrial design trends, ‘Redefined’ is a celebration of the new man-made materials alongside the traditional, celebrating the ability to conjure something new out of old resources.

The colour palette is based around a contemporary clash of chalky pinks and lilacs, together with cement and charcoal greys to create a refined and sophisticated look.

Imagine concrete pavements and bright urban nightlife and that is the basis of the ‘Movement’ trend which is influenced by global travel, celebrating vibrant and multicultural street culture.

Pairing textured deep greys against a mix of vivid purple, teal or mustard along with bold geometric lines brings the urban cityscape to life – creating a captivating and uplifting space.

‘Immersed’ primarily takes its inspiration from the ocean; the soft colours harmonise to create a tranquil calming space where people can realign and disconnect from the world.

The aqua spectrum provides the core element to this trend, with colours ranging from deep midnight blue to soft pastels and shimmering aqua marine shades – all of which can be found in oceans and waterways of the world.

Kathryn Lloyd, colour specialist at Crown Paints, commented: “Colour is at the heart of everything we do and we know how important it is to the success of any project, whatever the size or sector.

“We understand that colour is very personal which is why the trends we’ve created are deliberately fluid with plenty of scope for individual personality and style so you can really make it your own whether you choose to replicate a trend in its entirety or selectively use elements from one or more schemes.

“Looking to wider trends helps to keep a building’s décor looking fresh and new and drawing on the current season’s colour trends is the perfect way to add a different dimension to a project.

“We want to inspire our customers with the confidence to specify fresh new colour schemes for their projects and embrace the power of colour.”

Crown Paints’ Colour Services team is on hand to offer expert assistance and advice on all aspects of colour specification. As well as providing bespoke colour cards and a colour library the team can also guide specifiers through the process of creating individual colour schemes, tailored to clients’ requirements.

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