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Cumbria Flood Resilient Showcase case study from Delta

  • 2 Aug 2018

This case study from Delta Membranes follows Edenside Barn, a real-life demonstration property in the Cumbria Flood Resilient Showcase.

The idea behind the Flood Resilient Showcase Project was to use products and materials to attempt to keep water out of properties susceptible to flooding.

In a flooding event less severe, those products (tested to a high specification) are expected to lower water ingress.

It is well known when flooding is severe, these products may well be overtopped; the showcase highlights what can be done to manage the residual risk.

The Flood Resilient Showcase Project looked to adapt properties by using differing interventions to lower the amount of damage that flood water can cause when it enters a property.

At the core of the Flood Resilient Showcase Project is the real-life demonstration of flood installation measures at a trio of properties in Cumbria led by Mary Dhonau, Chief Executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign.

Delta Membranes

Edenside Barn is a private dwelling/barn conversion, located on stunning farmland close to the banks of the river Eden, in the picturesque Eden Valley, Cumbria.

The North Pennines is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). At almost 770 square miles, it is the second largest of the 49 AONBs in the UK.

Edenside Barn often suffers with flooding when the river Eden has bursts its banks.

Following the devastation of Storm Desmond around 2 – 3 years ago, Edenside Barn’s flooding left it impossible to live in and the owners had to seek alternative accommodation.

Mary Dhonau and Adler and Allen, in conjunction with Aquobex, were project managers in this resilience showcase project.

Aquobex Flood Management Solutions were appointed as consultants on the flood resilient design and inclusion of products within their range.

Following successful collaboration with Mary on flood resilience projects and Aquobex, Delta Membrane Systems Limited were asked to design a robust, resilient and recoverable solution, incorporating its products on this project.

This project required a resilient and recoverable solution, as this property is likely to experience flooding events in the future.

Delta’s design allowed for water exclusion and water entry; their design incorporates guidance given in BS 85500:2015 Flood Resilience in Buildings, which plans for both scenarios.

Delta Registered Installers, Peter Cox Limited, installed Delta products on this project.

Delta Registered Installers are an accredited national network of independent professional installers; although not employed by Delta, they are strictly vetted and monitored by them to assess levels of competence and performance.

Delta’s design provided continuity of the internal system to the external flood barriers to create a water tight seal to the property.

The structure itself comprised of solid stone walls and concrete floor slab. The Base substrate to this property was a fine quality concrete floor, with minimal risk of flood ingress.

The block walls and floor slab were tested for any potential leak paths. The interfaces between the wall and floor needed to offer a watertight seal to stop ingress between the slab and the wall.

Joined up thinking and the use of combined systems has meant this property can be insured and is now recoverable to both flood water exclusion and water entry.

Delta would like to thank Peter Cox Limited for their phenomenal support in this project and dedication in product installation and application. 

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