DAKO as a business partner – what can you expect?

  • 26 Jan 2022

High-quality joinery products are in high demand at the moment. A reliable provider with a wide offer can help you build strong business relationships. With DAKO, you can meet the clients’ needs while offering competitive prices. The company explains more here…

The demand for high-quality joinery products is constantly rising. There are many suppliers on the market, but only some provide their clients with the finest, carefully crafted products. Europe is recognised worldwide for its quality joinery, particularly the seamlessly designed wood products.

Knowing that they’re sought for on the international market, DAKO – a renowned European joinery producer – has decided to expand its offer. Now, our products are available worldwide, including in the United States and Japan.


Named Top Placer in the category of Construction Materials during International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards in 2021, DAKO is one of the leaders in European joinery. Our company has been present on the market for almost 30 years.

Contrarily to other providers, who focus on the European demands, we’ve decided to expand our business activity. For over 10 years already, we’ve been building B2B relationships with companies in different parts of the globe.

DAKO offers high-quality joinery products including doors, garage doors, and windows, as well as blinds and smart home systems. Our joinery is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. Aside from wood-based products, we also offer models made of vinyl and aluminium. All our materials are highly resistant to damage, humidity, UV radiation, and other destructive factors.

We have partners in 51 countries worldwide, including the United States and Japan, and we’re hoping to expand our network even more. Working with international clients is a great adventure for us, and hopefully, we’ll be able to continue it in the future!


Quality & efficiency – the essence of DAKO

While the joinery market is expanding, it’s becoming harder and harder to find high-end products refined to the smallest detail. It’s hard not to compromise quality when producing on a mass scale, and most suppliers choose that path.

DAKO has chosen a different business model, putting quality above all. That doesn’t stop us from reaching the highest levels of effectiveness. Having a technology park with an area of 33 800 square metres at our disposal, we can cope with a high production volume while maintaining the highest quality. The automation tools enable us to monitor and increase the effectiveness of the production line.


Teamwork as DAKO’s core value

How do we keep such a high volume of production without compromising quality? It wouldn’t all be possible without the support of our skilled employees that keep an eye on all the processes and put them together.

Whether on the production line or in the logistics and management, they are always encouraged to use their creativity in order to solve problems and introduce innovations.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself – Henry Ford once said. This quote describes our business philosophy quite well, since we put a strong emphasis on teamwork.


With such a background, we are ready for the new challenges brought by the international market. Ten years of experience in international cooperation have taught us that understanding its specifics is essential to cope with the clients’ expectations.

We take time to research the foreign market and adjust our offer to its profile, redesigning the products in terms of aesthetics and construction or introducing new colours and materials. Such an approach is undoubtedly a factor that contributed to our success abroad so far.

Our modern DA-Skyline series have already gained international recognition. In their case, a modern, contemporary design meets high-end materials (wood, aluminium, vinyl) and attentive finishing.

Become DAKO business partner 

Are you searching for business co-operations in the field of joinery? Finding reliable suppliers can be challenging, and we’re glad you considered DAKO. We’ll be more than happy to welcome you on board as our business partner. It’s easy to join it, and it comes with different kinds of benefits.

What do you gain as DAKO business partner?

We are not the typical joinery supplier that provides their partners with products only. To meet your clients’ needs, your employees need constantly updated knowledge and skills. We guarantee support in a form of regular trainings.

The topics of the sessions range from sales to product-related knowledge. As our business partner, you can also count on marketing support. DAKO is responsible for both traditional and digital marketing campaigns. Aside from that, we provide you with the materials such as bulletins and catalogues.

More info?

Are you interested in becoming B2B DAKO partner? Let’s talk about the future cooperation. We can arrange a meeting during which we’ll discuss the character of the partnership and the expectations of your clients.

Click here for more details.

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