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Delta Detailing Brochure – continuity waterproofing/reducing Risk

  • 24 Jul 2020

Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s new ‘Detailing’ brochure seeks to bridge best practice with techniques and products to ensure continuity of waterproofing systems and project success.

Delta’s new brochure offers architects, specifiers, developers, contractors and homeowners’ advice on continuous waterproofing solutions – it is available to download by clicking here

Delta Membranes

In its simplest form, Delta’s newest edition is instinctive – a wet basement requires remedial works, if there is an active leak, it requires stopping – whilst it is understood that there are numerous waterproofing solutions available, are these systems and solutions continuous and able to withstand the test of time and offer durability to the structure life cycle?

The main aim of this brochure is to provide some steps that can be immediately followed in any kind of structural waterproofing project to reduce the risks, to facilitate understanding and to improve the expected results. 

Delta Membranes


Common defects within structural waterproofing systems are estimated to cost £25 million per annum in the United Kingdom. Delta believes the waterproofing sector can achieve near zero defects, by adopting successful continuous waterproofing techniques along with applying the correct built philosophy, whilst utilising best practice – all of which will influence the success of a project.

The new Detailing brochure compliments Delta’s already, extensive collection of brochures which envelop the structural waterproofing industry, including Podium Decks, Flood Resilience, Type C Systems.

Delta Membranes

This contemporary, 48-page brochure includes BS8102:2009 Design Philosophy, photography of good detailing that showcase an array of techniques, products and how they can be incorporated to achieve a continuous/continuity waterproofing solution. 

Resources to anticipate defects in systems and principles to detect and manage the same.

Do you have questions about your project, product or applications? Does your project require a new approach? Does your waterproofing system work as it is supposed to? Then contact Delta’s technical team – details can be found on their suppliers page, which can be accessed at the foot of this article.

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