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Dryseal for home workers and choices for the homeowner

  • 10 Feb 2021

If you are one of the people working from home in 2021 and decide you would really like to extend or improve to increase your home working space, you may choose a flat roof as the most cost-effective and practical option, as Hambleside Danelaw explain here…

Even as a leading roofing materials manufacturer, Hambleside Danelaw may have to admit ‘flat’ roofs are not always seen as being attractive and are perceived by some as troublesome. 

Some of the common pitfalls include…

 – Inadequate or inappropriate design.
 – Low levels of insulation.
 – Inadequate ventilation.
 – Unsightly edge details.
 – Poorly sealed junctions and abutments.
 – Fitting by under-trained roofers.

What specifiers, house builders and owners want is a good-looking reliable roof

It does not seem a lot to ask, does it? 

Sometimes, what the customer gets can be a disappointing, problematic, and not to mention, expensive liability. Poorly installed and badly finished roofs can not only put a property at risk but can also let down its appearance, leading to expensive running repairs and reduced property value.

Poor details in roof construction are among the most common causes of water ingress into a building, as with many roof covering systems, the detailing must be decided upon as the job progresses, leading to solutions which have not been fully thought through. 

Hambleside Danelaw

Let’s avoid the problems and use Dryseal GRP roofing

Dryseal is a tried and tested system with a first-class track record.

GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester was initially developed for widespread applications by the British military during World War Two, the plan being to use GRP for many applications including building the minesweeper fleet, because of its light weight and strength.

In the 1960s, the benefits of GRP were further recognised as making it ideal for applications right across the boat building, motor manufacturing and construction industries. 

So, Dryseal was specifically developed by Hambleside Danelaw Ltd in the 1990s to be a robust lightweight roof waterproofing system, aesthetically pleasing with great longevity and offering many plus points. 

 – It is so easy to use Dryseal to upgrade an existing annexe or outhouse a “warm roof” to improve the home environment, reduce your costs and beat the cold!
 – Dryseal’s bulk strength and weight are so much better than most metals, meaning that it can be easily adapted to waterproof and detail many types of roof.
 – Dryseal GRP benefits from excellent fire retardancy, is lightweight and easy to handle, UV resistant and, in short ideal for many roofing installations.
 – Dryseal is versatile, easy to install and can be readily repaired if damaged.

Supplied with a 20-year product guarantee from Hambleside Danelaw, Dryseal is further guaranteed by the installer for workmanship and comes complete with an insured warranty. 

Hambleside Danelaw

The environmental benefits of Dryseal GRP

Dryseal is safe to use in grey water systems and does not release any chemicals once installed, it is a favoured material for new eco-friendly housing, ‘green’ and ‘blue’ roof waterproofing.

Furthermore, at the end of its long service life, Dryseal can be broken down into its component elements which can then be recycled into new materials, thus saving the customer money whilst benefitting the environment by reducing waste and landfill.

30-year track record 

As well carrying a meaningful guarantee, another benefit of Dryseal GRP being used for your roof waterproofing membrane is the ability for the material to be refurbished ‘in situ’ towards the end of its service life, doing away with the financial and environmental costs associated with re-roofing. 

Dryseal has been proudly manufactured by Hambleside Danelaw Ltd since the 1990s, widely specified and installed throughout the UK and Ireland and continues to be Dependable, Durable and Guaranteed. 

Pease visit www.dryseal.org for more information, case studies and to find an Approved Contractor for your free Dryseal quotation.

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