Energy Efficiency on average it’s not very good

  • 17 Nov 2014


RobWarren, Head of Technical at Celotex

Energy Efficiency – on average its not very good

Theres that famous quotation about lies and statistics and Id be lying if I told you I knew who first said it, although give me enough guesses and statistically speaking Id get it right, eventually.

That seems to be the trouble with stats – everyone knows they can be sneaky rascals and few trust them. Its a shame as some stats really tell a story and one such stat is as follows:

Only 18% of the existing housing stock reaches A to C band1

Why should this be a stat that matters?

EPC rating links to energy efficiency and in turn to fuel bills. The higher the EPC rating of your house the more likely it is, depending on how you use the house, that your fuel bills will be lower than those in a lower band, so the occupants of 82% of houses are at a disadvantage.

I know, there was a depending in that last sentence and now you are doubting the validity of the worthiness of the stat. True. How you use a house affects the fuel bills. Turn up the thermostat to 30 degrees, leave the windows open have 5 baths a day and your back pocket will suffer no matter what the EPC. However, for most, living in a higher rated EPC property will mean you splash less of the cash on your fuel bills.

Celotex graphic at RCI Show

Better energy efficiency means increased property value

Not convinced by the lower fuel bills argument? OK. How about an increased property value for your bricks and mortar? Research done2 by DECC shows that properties in the higher EPC bands command higher sale prices than comparable properties lower down the EPC scale.

So the vast majority of properties will have higher than necessary fuel bills and lower than possible resale values.

Perhaps then, its time to dig out that EPC certificate lurking in the back of the drawer and see what is recommended to improve the efficiency of your property?

Statistically speaking it makes sense and you might even be able to take advantage of the money being thrown at the Green Deal at the moment to fund improvements.

The Government giving away money away? That must be a truly rare occurrence. I wonder what the stats are on that.

1. English Housing Survey Headline Report 2012-13

2. Final Project Report: An Investigation of the effect of EPC ratings on house prices DECC 17th June 2013



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