Fire Detection for Homes – Keeping the Tenants Safe

  • 11 Mar 2019

This article centres on the need for landlords to install fire alarms and smoke detection systems in the properties they rent to tenants.


Many people who see the benefits of owning a home early on in life will, at some point, consider renting it out.

Indeed, there are many couples or individuals who, once having a foot firmly secured on the property ladder, choose to rent out one or more places they own.

But although there are many things that a landlord has to take care of, one of the most important tasks is making sure the tenants are safe from fire, smoke, and CO (Carbon Monoxide).

With this in mind, there is no wonder that all responsible landlords will be familiar with the regulations regarding the installation of hardwire or wireless alarm systems and smoke detectors.

Of course, property owners that have converted a house into a number of rooms for rent may need to have fire call points fitted throughout the property, as well as a fire escape.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure fire detection systems, such as smoke alarms, are installed in their tenanted property; if they ignore this, they could end up with a fine or even worse.

Safety Concerns

There are a number of things that most prospective tenants of residential property will look out for when they first view the house or flat they are considering renting.

One of the major concerns for people looking for a new home to rent is just how safe the property is to live in, which is likely to include the need to have a proper alarm system installed if there isn’t one already.

This said, landlords who do take the time to have modern fire detection systems installed in their properties for rent are likely to be more successful than those not bothering.

Of course, as already mentioned in this article, the landlord of any kind of property for rent must adhere to the health and safety regulations that exist at the time, or risk prosecution for fire safety breaches.

In fact, throughout England and Scotland, landlords must fit smoke and CO alarms in their tenanted properties by law, and in Wales and Northern Ireland, the landlords have a duty of care to the people living in their property.

Sound Asleep

Besides landlords who do not wish to break the law by choosing to have a reliable fire alarm system installed in their homes for rent, there are many people renting out property that do so just because they know it is the right thing to do.

Fire detections and alarm systems can significantly improve the safety of occupants in dwellings by operating automatically and alerting occupants; especially those asleep, to the outbreak of fire.

Individuals renting a room in a massive building converted into bedsits are going to get a much better night’s sleep in a place fitted out with the very latest in smoke and fire detection systems compared to homes without such measures taken.

Indeed, there is no real surprise that health and safety requirements for the provision of systems to provide early warning of fire are incorporated into UK building regulations.

Cause and Effects

One thing all responsible landlords should do is read up on the various causes of fires in residential and commercial properties and the most effective methods for the prevention of such disasters.

As well as learning how to reduce the chances of fires occurring in the property rented to tenants, it would be wise to find out more about the various fire alarm systems available to purchase or rent from online suppliers.

Of course, there are stacks of well-researched articles on this important matter that can be sourced through a little internet research.

Indeed, websites such as this one: are a fantastic source of information regarding some of the more common causes of fires in residential properties.

Unfortunately, many people die or get injured because of fires because they are exposed to hazardous smoke and toxic gasses, as opposed to being exposed to the actual heat or flames from the fire itself.

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