Firestopping solutions start with Sika

  • 26 May 2021

Navigating the often-complex process of choosing the correct passive fire protection system for a project can be a challenge. But thanks to leading speciality chemical manufacturer Sika, specifiers can take advantage of a range of in-house support services including product guidance and technical support.

Sika’s comprehensive range of passive fire protection solutions can restore the fire resistance of walls and floors disrupted by linear seals, cavity barriers or penetration services, helping to contain and control the spread of fire. 

Sika’s experienced and qualified technical team are also on hand to help specifiers and specialist installers identify a clear and compliant passive firestopping strategy, including offering detailed technical evaluations for more complicated joint specifications.

These technical evaluations are free of charge, and completion usually takes place within a working week. This is on the proviso of the supply of all the necessary information.

These legal documents can then provide building owners with the reassurance of knowing that not only are the specified passive fire protection products fit for purpose, but they are also fully compliant with the relevant building regulations.

The evaluations also cover the classification of the passive fire protection system in terms of its integrity (E) and insulation (I), and the duration of fire and heat resistance it can offer.


‘Put to good use’

John Gardner, Sika’s PFP Key Account Manager, comments: “Our passive fire protection range has been specifically designed for penetrative and linear seals and has been put to good use in various projects across the UK.

“We understand the importance of protecting all buildings from the devastating effects of fire and ensuring the safety of all building users, which is exactly why our offering extends much further than just our products.

“We have also invested heavily in the training of our technical team so that we are qualified to advise and assist our clients in devising and implementing a robust passive fire protection strategy.”

Fully compliant with both national and international standards including EN 1366 and EN 13501, Sika’s extensive range comprises of fire-resistant sealants, coatings, wraps, collars, fire boards, compounds and ablative pads for both linear and penetration seals. 

Sika’s passive fire protection solutions meet the highest fire resistance requirements and are suitable for use across a number of sectors including high-rise residential and public-use projects such as hotels, schools and hospitals.

By containing and controlling the spread of heat, smoke and fire, escape routes can be protected. Also, more time can be given to the safe evacuation of the building’s occupants.

A full overview of the products available can be found online and by downloading a copy of Sika’s product brochure.

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