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GGF president issues reassuring statement on positive changes

  • 8 Aug 2017

The Glass and Glazing Federation President, John Agnew, has issued a statement to reassure members and related stakeholders that the group of subsidiary companies will grow and serve the industry.

GGF President’s Statement

John Agnew - GGFAs President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Glass and Glazing Federation, I would like to highlight the positive changes at the GGF in the last 12 months. 

The changes to the management structure and the organisation’s direction were unanimously agreed by the GGF Board. It is worth noting that the GGF Board is made up of representatives from across the main sectors of the glass and glazing industry. 

GGF Board Directors are democratically elected by GGF Members and the positions are entirely voluntarily and unpaid. In the past, some Board Directors have resigned due to the non-declaration of conflicts of interest.  The GGF has always had firm rules in place to declare any conflicts of interest and all Board Members must sign this agreement before being ratified as GGF Board Members and at every Board meeting the Chair remind all in attendance of the rules regarding conflicts of interest. 

The Board decisions taken and resultant changes in the past year are to be applauded as they were strong decisions made in the best interests of GGF Members and the wider industry. The changes have also been accepted and welcomed by the GGF Group Staff.

With the appointment of Phil Pluck as the new GGF Chief Executive in May this year, along with the subsequent management restructure aligned to the new additions to the GGF Board, I can confidently state that the GGF and its group of subsidiary companies are now in a better position than ever before to serve GGF Members and the industry.

As with most businesses during a transition period, there will inevitably be some more changes along the way, but rest assured none will be to the detriment of the GGF and its Members. 

With record numbers of companies joining the Federation this year, we are now looking forward to our annual Members Day next month when we will unveil the GGF’s long term strategy to help GGF Members and the industry cope with the many challenges ahead.

I am pleased that all connected to the GGF and its group of subsidiary companies have so much to look forward to as the restructure takes shape to enhance all the benefits and services the GGF Group provides to the industry.

The GGF has come a very long way since its foundation in 1977 and as we mark our 40th Anniversary and reflect on the GGF’s great achievements, we also must focus on our future. The changes that have occurred in the past 12 months, will ensure our Members and other stakeholders in the subsidiary companies will continue to get the best service from the industry’s main trade body.


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