Granada Secondary Glazing

Granada’s secondary glazing turns historic building into a warmer workplace

  • 5 Mar 2020

Granada Secondary Glazing was tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of a historic building in Bradford, by preventing heat escaping through the original single glazed mullioned and transomed steel windows.

Solidly built in 1643 as a substantial private dwelling, the Paper Hall in Bradford has withstood the test of time. The English Civil War, which ended eight years after, saw many of the surrounding buildings destroyed.

However, extensive restoration work completed in the 1990s has made this Grade II* listed building available for commercial use.

Granada Secondary Glazing

Sizeable amounts of noise and heat loss can be a common problem for historic buildings with single glazing, and Paper Hall was no exception – step forward Granada Secondary Glazing.


Single glazed steel windows offer minimal thermal insulation and usually have a U-value of 5.7 W/m2K; the installation of secondary glazing acts as a second barrier, stopping heat escaping, which drastically improves thermal insulation, thereby lowering energy consumption.

Granada Secondary Glazing
To decrease heat loss, Granada Glazing advised the horizontal sliding secondary glazing was installed with 6mm Low-E glass.

Low-E glass has been specifically designed to reflect heat back into the room and can achieve a U-value of 1.87 W/m2K.

Granada Secondary Glazing

Complementing the aesthetics of the building, Granada’s frames were powder coated in a RAL 9005 finish and installed within the original stone reveals.

Post installation, the secondary glazing has created a warmer and more comfortable environment for this historic building’s modern day occupants.

There is also a video within the following link, showcasing the Paper Hall project

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