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Hambleside Danelaw’s product consistency means everyone is happy

  • 27 Feb 2020

It’s all smiles on the Welsh borders, all because of the consistency of a roof detailing product from Hambleside Danelaw.

This product is the Danelaw Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Verge (IPTDV), which is used as standard where possible by John Thomas Roofing, alongside Danelaw’s LR180 underlay and Valley Troughs. 

Debra Thomas, Company Secretary at John Thomas, commented: “We do use other verge detailing if specified, but the lads prefer Hambleside Danelaw’s version. They say it’s much easier to use.

“Unlike alternatives, it is consistently uniform in colour, so we get a better finished appearance, and don’t have mis-matched ‘overs’ left in the yard.

“The core components also mean it’s easy for us, with one system, to detail roofs with Ashmore plain tiles, which are widely used in the area.

“Quality matters to us, which is why we also use Hambleside Danelaw’s LR180 where possible. It is price competitive against similar premium underlays and will deliver the wind uplift resistance even on wide batten gauges, and cope with the extreme temperature variations we can get in this area.”

Andy Humphries, of KA and D Developments and John Thomas customer, commented: “John and his team have been working for me on a development of detached properties each around 2000 square feet, and each with six dormers.

“With the Hambleside Danelaw products, we have very tidy-looking roofs that reflect the high quality of the build.”

The Danelaw IPTDV is compatible with single lap interlocking plain tiles between 170mm – 200mm gauge. Its polypropylene composition means it is more resistant to impact and heat distortion than PVC alternatives.

Easy to install, each verge unit is simply fitted onto the tiles, interlocking with the adjacent verge unit, and secured in place with a single nail into a batten end clip to provide a quality solution fully compliant with BS8612.

Danelaw IPTDV’s innovative design means, once installed, the verge is secure and weathertight, and risk of water staining on the building fabric below is minimised.

Danelaw GRP Valley Troughs take half as much time to install as lead, and cost a fraction of the price, yet replicate the appearance and performance of the traditional metal technique. Dry fix and traditional open versions are available, to provide seamless integration with a range of tiles.

Danelaw LR180 breathable roof tile underlay provides a premium quality, heavyweight low resistance membrane for slate and tile warm and cold roofs.

The Danelaw brand of roofing products belongs to Hambleside Danelaw, Britain’s pioneering manufacturer of GRP solutions for the UK building & construction industry for over four decades.

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