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How Anti-Ligature LST Radiators are useful for Young Offender Institutions – Contour

  • 8 Jan 2021

It is important within young offender institutions to have a push on positive reinforcement, because this can impact the behaviour exhibited by offenders – Contour’s anti-ligature solutions provide several benefits that enable Custody and YOI Officers to positively manage offender behaviours.

Reducing Stash Points In YOIs

With high suicide rates and bullying in YOIs, articles have found radiators can be used as stash points for weapons or blades. Stash points also can be used to smuggle illegal goods.

To prevent the use of stash points, specifiers need to think about the design features of the furniture used in cell spaces.

Consequently, if you’re a specifier you should look for a radiator solution with small grilles, we recommend IP3X to make sure nothing can be wedged into the radiator to minimise the risk of items being poked through into the casing.

Conventional radiators can be used as stash points for offenders, with routine cell searches, radiators can be more difficult to check thoroughly.

Contour’s anti-ligature radiator and guard design can assist with the complete and extensive searching of YOI cells.

Due to the nature of the radiator cover design that Contour manufacture, stashing illegal goods and sharp objects inside the cover will be very challenging.

However, should Officers feel the need to check inside the cover, they can access the interior casing via the security locks on the front and top of the cover.

Individual Heat Control In YOIs

On some heating systems, officers have the ability to control the heat output of four cells at one time, this makes it difficult to accommodate for the needs of every individual.

Therefore, it is important to opt for a heating solution that allows control for individual cell temperature to provide comfort and alleviate the potential of a violent outburst.


Contour’s anti-ligature LST radiator has a strong, full-casing design and exclusive range of security fastenings so officers can safely access all areas of the radiator.

This includes the radiator’s exterior perimeter, that officers can safely run their hands along during the routine cell search.

For heat control, depending on the layout of the cell block, the heating can be controlled from outside of the cell. This is of particular use if the cell block is on lock-down and access into the cells are off-limits.

Through aiding offenders’ comfort, you’re helping to establish trust and relationship with an inmate which can help improve the behaviours of the offenders.

If you are an architect or specifier who is tasked with the design or refurbishment of a custodial environment, your design choices will be largely influenced by offender behaviour.

Contour’s anti-ligature products offer a safe solution for managing the behaviour and wellbeing of offenders, many of whom who are at risk of suicide.

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