How colourful carpets can boost morale in the workplace

  • 16 Mar 2015

Working environments, such as offices and schools, are using coloured carpets to promote mental wellbeing and encourage productivity

Research into the use of colour in the workplace has revealed that particular colours can provoke psychological and physiological responses in people.

Certain shades have been found to maximise productivity levels and minimise fatigue, as well as stimulating creativity.

Because of this, careful choice of carpet is becoming increasingly important for work areas and boardrooms.

Yellow, for instance, is suggested to be a bad choice: it is very reflective and can over-stimulate the eyes.

This can cause eye strain and discomfort, which is counter-productive in a working environment.

Complex colour patterns have also been found to have a negative effect.

They can make a room seem too busy, making employees feel as if the tasks they have to carry out are more demanding than they should be.

On the other hand, colours such as blue and green communicate tranquillity, spaciousness and focus.

When used in the workplace, these cool shades can maintain a sense of calm, promoting mental clarity and creative thinking.

For example, olive shades are often chosen for school libraries as they have been found to improve concentration when studying or reading.

Meanwhile, warmer colours such as red and orange keep the mind alert and stimulated, encouraging feelings of strength and energy.

For this reason, red is commonly associated with vitality and ambition.

Warmer colours, such as red, are being increasingly used to liven up tired areas

On the other end of the spectrum, monotone colours can create a depressing feel, offering a lack of mental stimulation.

It has been suggested that decorators should vary colours throughout the workplace, using changing colour as a design technique to reflect the changing character of a space.

For instance, lighter colours should be used in darker areas of a building to mimic natural light and encourage a sense of wellbeing.

As businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of colour, Heckmondwike FB’s Sharni Verity suggests that we can expect to see interior designers continuing to use colour to heighten mood and boost morale.

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