How many animals can a forklift carry?

  • 29 Jan 2015

How many animals can a forklift carry?

If you work in warehousing, construction or production, youre likely to require a forklift truck to assist with heavy lifting and handling.

The problem is that there are so many different types of forklift, so finding the right one for the job at hand can be difficult.

If you invest in one too large for your premises or requirements, youll be wasting money and fuel, and could make manoeuvring very difficult.

On the other hand, if you cut corners and get one too small to accommodate your requirements, it could reduce the efficiency of your workplace.

Thats why Health and Safety Training Ltd have put together this simple infographic, so you can get a better idea of the weight each type of forklift can carry.

Toyota Pedestrian powered pallet truck LWE250

Maximum Load Capacity: 2500kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 6 km/h

The Toyota LWE250 is a simple pedestrian operated forklift, with an ergonomic tiller arm and fingertip controls to ensure easy and precise operation. They are compact in size with a tight turning circle, so perfect for environments with limited space for maneuvering.

This particular truck has a lifting capacity of up to to 2500kg, which despite its small size, is the equivalent of lifting a large truck! This makes it particularly useful in smaller factories as a great deal of stock can be easily moved in tight spaces.

Toyota Counterbalance Truck 7FGCU70

Maximum Load Capacity: 7000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 21 km/h

A counterbalance truck, like the Toyota 7fGCU70, is the next step up. It can lift up to 7 tonnes, in small spaces, without the risk of the truck overturning.

It features SAS (System of Active Stability) technology which ensures that no matter what the weight, it does not overbalance the truck. It also has compact cushion tyres which means that loads the equivalent of 3 cubic meters of concrete can be lifted on single wheels, ideal for stacking stock in tight spaces.

JCB Rough Terrain Forklift 940

Maximum Load Capacity: 4000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 29 km/h

A rough terrain forklift, such as the JCB Forklift 940, is most used in outdoor construction and demolition scenarios as it can easily navigate uneven ground. It also has an impressive top speed of 29km/h, so it can cover large building sites quickly, transporting materials to where they are needed.

The load capacity is smaller than a counterbalance forklift, at around 4 tonnes (4 pallets of bricks), but this is usually sufficient for most building sites.

JCB Telescopic Handler Forklift 550-80

Maximum Load Capacity: 5000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 29km/h

The JCB 550-80 is a telescopic handler with the capacity to lift up to 5 tonnes. It utilises technology to ensure it can lift loads much higher than normal forklifts, without the risk of tipping.

The main use of this type of forklift is in warehousing and storage as it can easily stack palletised goods, so more stock can be stored for increased production flow.

Hubtex Industrial Side Loader

Maximum Load Capacity: 50,000kg

Maximum Travel Speed: 24 km/h

An industrial sideloader truck, like the Hubtex Industrial Side Loader, has a huge lifting capacity of between 2 and 50 tonnes! It features a large flat lifting bed, instead of forks, which allow the largest of loads to be evenly distributed and transported safely.

50 tonnes is about the same weight as a fully loaded oil tanker, so you can see how this forklift will most likely be used for immense specialist projects, such as bridge building, machinery installation and steel erection.

Open the full infographic from Health andamp; Safety Training Ltd on Animals andamp; Forklifts

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