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How pub design has evolved with LVT

  • 1 Mar 2017

In this month’s issue of ABC+D Magazine, David Bogland at Moduelo UK provides the answers to some commonly asked questions about pub design and LVT flooring options.

What are the biggest interior design trends in pubs right now?

Traditionally, pubs have opted for a rustic style, however we’re increasingly seeing owners/designers looking for something a little different. In recent years, the pub industry has experienced some decline, making it more important than ever before to move away from the norm.

While high numbers of pubs are still staying true to their heritage with a rustic feel, we’re seeing designers and specifiers find new ways to be unique.

Thanks to the evolution go new technologies in the luxury vinyl flooring industry, we’re now able to meet the demand for bespoke requests and, changing something as simple as the shape or colour of a single tile, is a much simpler process.

Another key design trend for pubs, which has been prevalent for a number of years now and continues to be so, is herringbone. 

Herringbone designs have become increasingly popular over the past year or so. This design is actually over 300 years old but again, thanks to new technology,  more variations of this much-loved pattern have become more readily available. Not only has the basic shape and design changed with the introduction of a chevron style but the colour options have also become much more adventurous.

What are the biggest design changes within this sector from the last ten years?

The biggest changes in the sector relate heavily to the flexibility now on offer in the industry. 

Pubs are continuously moving away from traditional carpet and opting for luxury vinyl as a result of the benefits it provides. Carpet can be soon become tired from daily wear and tear, while LVT is much easier to maintain and offers outstanding durability. 

The visual element of LVT has changed significantly in the last ten years. It is now much more realistic and is the epitome of its natural counterpart.

What are the key considerations when specifying flooring for a pub?

A good slip-resistance rating is imperative when specifying the right flooring for a pub. 

Durability is again key and, as luxury vinyl is longer lasting than most other flooring products, its popularity within pubs has been second-to-none. 

As it is easy-to-install, we have found it to be a popular option for refurbishments where a much tighter turnaround is required.

LVT flooring

What are the benefits of LVT for a pub environment?

As technology has evolved, LVT has swiftly overtaken traditional flooring solutions due to its capacity to better accommodate the latest trends in interior design, while also providing the most practical and durable solution. 

The beauty of modern LVT technology is that flooring can be created to be almost indistinguishable in appearance from its natural counterpart. It is also very low-maintenance and almost effortless to clean, making it suitable for use in pubs. 

As a result of the benefits that come with LVT, more designers are now opting for this over real wood and stone. In fact, Moduleo UK recently worked on a project for Young’s Pubs Lass O’Richmond Pub, in Surrey and the high-quality finish and cost-effectiveness that come with luxury vinyl were credited as the reasoning behind their choice.

What is the average replacement cycle for a floor in a pub?

Due to the high levels of footfall a busy pub experiences on a daily basis, the flooring usually requires a replacement every four to five years.

What does the future look like for flooring in pubs? 

Designers and specifiers will continue to focus on the bespoke aspect of their projects and creating exclusive looks. Geometric patterns for instance, are incredibly prominent right now and, thanks to new shapes available, the rising desire for this trend can now be met. 

The industry is constantly evolving and, here at Moduleo, we predict it is heading in a much more artistic direction within the pub industry. 

Find out more in the February 2017 issue of ABC+D Magazine…

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