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How to Clean Air Conditioning Units with Contour

  • 11 Feb 2021

The most effective way to thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit is to invest in an air conditioning guard that has easy access, meaning cleaning will be made easy, as Contour explain here…

Once installed, the system will allow for your unit to be rotated to floor level, providing complete access behind the radiator for careful cleaning, crucial for maintaining hygiene in classrooms, hospitals, secure facilities, or any other space.

Cleaning Behind The Unit In Two Steps

Here are two steps to effectively clean your air conditioning units thoroughly.

#Step 1) Before you begin your clean, protect the surface beneath your unit with a towel and make sure the unit is completely switched off.

#Step 2) Then, clean the debris from your unit either with a long-handled micro-fibre brush or with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat this step until your unit is clean.

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning Methods

Understandably, cleaning your unit can be difficult. This is due to having little space between each component in the unit, however, cleaning is made simpler by:

Microfibre Brushes

Microfibre is a synthetic fibre that is thinner than one-fifth of human hair. The fineness of microfibre makes it hugely effective when it comes to collecting dust and dirt.  

You will need to use a microfibre cloth that is attached to a long-handled brush to reach down your unit.


Whether you use a hand-held vacuum or the hose on a regular vacuum cleaner, vacuums suck the dust out of your units without you having to reach down.  

With this, you may not achieve the same results as you would by scrubbing the fins, but vacuuming can be a useful beginning point for cleaning procedures.

Why You Need To Clean Your Unit

Air conditioning guards can be hot and the heat that they emit provides the ideal temperature for bacteria to multiply and thrive.

Once someone touches your radiator and then touches another surface, contamination starts to spread, resulting in illness. This can only be minimised by frequent, effective cleaning, as shown in the methods listed above.

You can improve your air conditioning unit further by investing in Contour’s air conditioning guards that incorporate BioCote® at the manufacturing stage. 

It delivers protection against several microbes, which include bacteria, mould, and some viruses. It is a silver-based technology which lasts the lifespan of the guard.

Aside from bacteria, the build-up of dust can block grilles and therefore, can result in ineffective heating and cooling within an environment. 

This can result in your bills soaring, which is why drop-down guards are essential in saving you costs long-term.

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