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How to Minimise Dust Traps with an Air Conditioning Guard – Contour

  • 10 Feb 2021

When air conditioning units are in public spaces, where they are exposed to vulnerable people, these dust traps can cause serious issues, as Contour explains here…

How Is Dust Harmful?

As we are becoming more hygiene aware, it is crucial not to neglect air conditioning units as they are often overlooked and can gather dust build-up.

Dust is known the be harmful to human health, as it contains small particles of debris and dead skin. The small size of dust means it can be inhaled and pose a potential immune reaction.

These reactions can be minor or major depending on the individuals. This will particularly be more dangerous to weaker individuals.

Within public settings this is key, as dust can also serve as a ‘fomite’, possibly containing viruses and potential infections that can be passed on.

How To Minimise Dust Within An Air Conditioning Unit

To minimise dust within an air conditioning unit, quick and easy access for cleaning is vital. Having air conditioning guards that have hinges to allow them to drop down is a practical feature to utilise.

These features will help get rid of dirt and dust build-up within air conditioning units. With these hinges, guards can be quickly dropped down without any hassle. 

Traditional air conditioning guards may require two or more people to dismantle the guard to thoroughly clean the unit, whereas air conditioning guards with easy access provide straightforward entry for one person to clean the guard just in a few seconds.

This is notably important for environments like hospitals. Especially given the COVID-19 pandemic and also risks of hospital-acquired infections, access for cleaning makes sure that hospitals are secure and as safe as possible for all service users.

Contour air conditioning guards, whether wall, floor mounted or flat panelled, provide smooth access for cleaning and maintenance. 

Promoting Hygiene

For essential hygiene, Contour manufactures BioCote® at the production stage of air conditioning guards, to safeguard against various microbes such as bacteria, mould and some viruses.

Working together with cleaning regimes and hand hygiene, it provides vital hygiene protection to minimise the bacteria and harmful dust that can gather in air conditioning units.

BioCote® is a silver-based antimicrobial technology that lasts the lifespan of the air conditioning guards.

In this process, guards are painted using a dry powder coating which incorporates BioCote®. The paint will then seals the guards to protect them against damage and corrosion.


It is crucial to understand when hygiene is crucial, and how dust can become harmful to individuals, especially within public settings. 

With drop-down features, easy access to cleaning and ultimate hygiene, Contour’s air conditioning guards can work to minimise the dust and dirt build-up in units.

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