How your choice of brick impacts your building project

  • 16 Mar 2017

Richard Brown, category marketing manager for wall at Wienerberger explores the impact that your choice of brick can have on your building project.

It is important when selecting products for a project, to make sure that you choose the right brick. As the most popular facade option within the housing market in the UK, bricks offer a range of benefits such as durability, security, longevity, versatility and cost-effectiveness. 

On average, bricks cost less than 3% of the overall build, much less than people spend on the average kitchen, yet bricks are just as important as they have an important impact on ‘kerb appeal’.

The use of the right facade can have a significant impact on the overall look of a project, and as it is the most difficult aspect to alter at a later stage, selecting the right brick is vital. With over 1,000 different types of brick are available within the UK, it is important to consider all factors involved with selecting the correct brick.

It is key, when choosing your brick, to ensure that you are fully aware of the style that you want your project to encompass. Visiting a showroom and viewing colours and textures is crucial, with the vast ranges of options available. Local planning permissions will also play a large part in deciding, as it will have an impact on the features deemed suitable in different areas of the country. In addition, it is worth noting that brick work can be an internal feature as well as external.

There are many differenced between bricks that impact their look on a property. For example, different manufacturing methods offer different characteristics. There are also various brick sizes available, with 215×102.5x65mm being the standard format of bricks in the UK and the most commonly used but there is a growing trend for more modern, contemporary designs.

The colour of the brick will play a huge factor in the look of the project, and there is a wide variety of colours available in the UK. Texture can be just as important, with various effects available that can give the project a traditional or contemporary feel.

There is currently a growing trend for projects incorporating a mix of different products giving a property a signature blend. Weinerberger can offer this service, with access to the largest range of bricks available in the UK, allowing customers to mix and match from a wide variety of colours and textures to achieve complete individuality.

Mortar colour can be just as important, accounting for over 15% of the total wall area. Your choice of mortar can give the same brick a totally different appearance, therefore it is crucial to trial several mortars as part of your selection process.

Equally, bond pattens can have a substantial impact on the look of the property, as well as mortar joining profiles. A number of options are available for both and can significantly alter the image of the building as well as whether it gives a traditional or contemporary feel. In addition, joint profiles can also affect the longevity of a project as they play an important role in weather proofing. It is important to choose the right joint profile for the local elements.

Special shaped bricks can enhance the look of a project and add extra durability and protection to brickwork as well as reducing build time and waste on site, by reducing the need for hand cutting. Lastly, bricklaying techniques can also impact the appearance, with techniques like corbelling adding additional features.

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