Hydrorock: Putting Sustainability First – Changing the way we manage water

  • 7 Sep 2021

Recent global events make the increasing threat of climate change more prominent than ever, the record-breaking floods being a prime example of this. With a new shift in focus to accountability and environmental responsibility, organisations must make the right decisions to benefit their projects, communities, and the planet, explains Hydrorock

Modern-day construction contributes to the broken water cycle by reducing permeable surfaces. When water cannot infiltrate into the ground, it can pool in large quantities, leading to urban flooding. Therefore, sustainable drainage systems that can replicate the natural water cycle must feature in urban areas to resolve this problem. 


‘SuDS Unlocked’

With this topic in mind sustainable drainage company, Hydrorock, launch their new podcast series ‘SuDS Unlocked’. The podcast achieves a robust discussion around the current challenges of water management that explores new sustainable technologies, debating viable solutions for complex applications.

By bringing together an array of industry experts for this discussion the podcast emphasises the importance of collaboration as we look to a sustainable future, ultimately challenging solutions that involve burying plastic in our precious planet

As droughts and floods worsen worldwide, many cities are embracing sustainable drainage systems, such as Hydrorock, that treat water as a precious resource.


Councils are now recognising the importance of working with nature rather than against it to manage the risk  of natural disasters, however, there is still a long way to go. It is vital new developments are built to be flood resilient and that existing infrastructure is adapted  through retrofit solutions for the changing climate.

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks offer an environmentally friendly, effective and sustainable surface water management solution – ultimately fixing the broken water cycle when installed at new builds or retrofit projects. 

‘SuDS Unlocked’ is available to listen to on Amazon Music, Spotify or Apple podcasts. Alternatively, you can listen to all episodes on Hydrorock’s website

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